Advancimals was a TV Show introduced in Season 2 Episode 4 of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants. By George Beard and Harold Hutchins and Dav Pilkey

Season 1 Plot

The show starts in a Highrise Tower in Geneva, Switzerland, HQ Of New Swissland Science. Vincent Ares, apprentice of Scientist Poopypants aka hater of George and Harold create the Advancimals V1, a machine that would make animals smarter. Vincent Ares, playing himself, but on a different path. Vincent Ares would get an Arraconda, a Raccoon, and a Water Buffalo for testing purposes. When he blasts them. Nothing happens. Vincent yells, "Oh come on man- I told you it wouldn't work! Jesus!". During the argument, the smart animals would sneak off into a storage closet. Vincent mentions during the fight that he accidentally left his sons Halloween Costume in the same storage closet and other stuff. The Advancimals would find these and get in them; Smartaconda gets into the suit, and the raccoon and water buffalo would get into their respective clothes. Vincent opens into the closet, but gets knocked out by Smartaconda, with blood spilling, (the screen doesn't show any of this)

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