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I are not doo doo!
  —Alternate Melvin [src]  

Alternate timeline Melvin Sneedly is an alternate timeline version of Melvin Sneedly. He only appears in "The Soggy Salvation of the Swirling Sweatnami."


The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants[]

When George and Harold went back in time and made Krupp win the talent show, they had accidentally made Jerome Horwitz Elementary School into Kruppcorp. Melvin, instead of being a huge tattle-tale, is Krupp's servant and never talks. However, when George and Harold's plan to dominate Alternate Krupp works, Alternate Melvin backstabs them and rebrands the business to Sneedworks.

After Captain Underpants gets stuck in the toxic plastic waste, Atlernate Melvin orders the kids to work two times harder, and all their sweats transfer to a tube. However, George and Harold manage to break the Sweat Tube, causing it to explode and release all the sweat like a Sweatnami (inspired by their comic). George, Harold, and the other kids (excluding Melvin) surf around it via dolphin floaties. After they get out, Alternate Melvin transforms the entire factory into the Factory-Tron 2000. The kids run, but Captain Underpants (who became Captain Stretchypants because of the Toxic Plastic Waste) protects them and beats the Factory-Tron.

However, when Atlernate Melvin presses the "Oh snap!" button, the Factory-Tron is harder to defeat as it is more upgraded and has a mace on its hand. Captain Stretchypants manages to destroy the Factory-Tron by stretching all his hands and grabbing the Robot. Right on time, as George and Harold find the Time Toad 2000, Melvin gets flown away with the robot exploding and sees the anagram George and Harold did, and he shouts "I ARE NOT DOO DOO!" before George and Harold travel to the past and restore the timeline, causing this version of Melvin to cease to exist.