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Robots, get them!
  —Alternate Mr. Krupp [src]  

Alternate Timeline Benjamin Krupp is the alternate timeline version of Mr. Krupp. He is the leader of the world, and he was accidentally created by George Beard and Harold Hutchins,


In the school, Erica tells the two boys that every Bully was born due to an event that happened in their lives. Which result George and Harold getting the idea of stealing Melvin's Time Toad 2000. They enter Bernice's, Krupp's Mother's House in order to find what Made Krupp a bully. Bernice tells them the reason is him failing the talent show. So they steal The Time Toad while Melvin was asleep George and Harold enter Melvin's secret room and use the Time Toad to travel back in time.

They find Young Krupp, who is severely booed and is thrown tomatoes at. Now that George and Harold had discovered the correct time, they go back to a few minutes earlier and come as DJs, who make a sick solo with Young Krupp that makes him win The Talent Show. However, before the two leave to get back to their correct time, Young Benjamin mentions that he would be the best Businessman ever. George and Harold don't think much of it and leave, However when they get back to their timeline, they see that Jerome Horwitz Elementary School had turned into Kruppcorp. And are forced by Wedgie Robots to get back into work.


  • Since this version of Mr. Krupp is the powerful leader of the world in this timeline, this makes him one of the most powerful beings George and Harold have ever came up against.