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It’s like their whole personalities have changed, What an improvement!
  —Mrs Beard [src]  

Barbara Beard is the mother of George Beard.


Captain Underpants and the Preposterous Plight of the Purple Potty People[]

She is having dinner in the house when she sees Giant-Evil Sulu in the yard.

Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Re-Turn of Tippy Tinkletrousers[]

In the flashback scenes, Barbara wants George to make a good first impression at school by wearing a tie, who, after a short argument, reluctantly agrees to wear it, stating that "ties are for nerds". She also appears when she sees George with some paper rolls.

Captain Underpants and the Tyrannical Retaliation of the Turbo Toilet 2000[]

Barbara, Moses, and Grace Hutchins punish George and Harold by making them do chores because they skipped school the previous day in the last book.