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Bernice Krupp is Benjamin Krupp's mother. She is a cow rancher and the owner of the Krupp cow ranch. Her first major appearance was in episode 11 of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants. She was voiced by Tudi Roche.


The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants[]

Bernice Krupp first appears in "The Flustering Mindless Woe of the Flushable Memory Wipes" as a background character. She is seen running and screaming out of the pudding store as Captain Underpants crashes inside to get a large pudding. It was unknown that she was Benjamin's mother until episode 11.

In "The Soggy Salvation of the Swirling Sweatnami", George and Harold want to wonder why Mr. Krupp is so mean and nasty as he is. It is Erica Wang who suggests that if they what to know more about why he is the way he is, they should go talk to his mom. The boys later find where Benjamin's mother lives, which is the Krupp cow ranch. As they ring the door bell, the door opens and a rope appears around them and pulls them inside. Bernice then jumps on top of them, but then realizes that the boys are not cows. The reason she had thought they were cows was because her cattle ring the door bell all night long. George then asks why her son, Mr. Krupp, is so mean.

Bernice reveals that Benjamin is her sweet "major disappointment" to her and that he did terrible at his fourth grade talent show, to which she was the one that passed out the fruits and vegetables to the other kids to throw at him and even had pictures of it on her wall. She then said that after that day, he became grumpy and mean since then, and that she "can't get milk from a talent show".

As the boys go back in time to Benjamin's fourth grade talent show, Bernice arrives and passes out the fruits and vegetables to the other kids while yelling at him: "Benny! Why ain't you watching the cows!". She was the first to throw a tomato at him and encourage the other kids to throw at him while also saying that she "[needs] that boy milking!"

As the boys go back 5 minutes in time and help young Benny do better at the show, Harold is seen taking the basket of fruits and vegetables from Bernice when she isn't looking, to which she is confused of where her basket has gone. While everyone cheers for Benny, she is seen upset rather than happy for him.

Her last appearance was when the boys go back in time and unfortunately have to put back things the way they were; they quietly put back the basket of fruits and vegetables next to her to throw them at Benny again.


Bernice is about the same chubby body type as Benjamin. She has brown hair with gray streaks and gold earrings. She wears a purple with white top, blue jeans with a bull horn belt buckle, and cowboy boots.


Bernice is shown to be one tough cowgirl rancher as the narrator stated. However, she is seen to be very un-supportive of her son, Benjamin, or "Benny" as she calls him; as to her, he doesn't help her much around the farm but rather wastes his time at the talent show. She even goes as far as calling him her "sweet bundle of major disappointment".

She also doesn't seem to see that she is the reason and cause of why Benjamin is grumpy and mean as a adult. She is even willing to pass out fruits and vegetables to others and throw at her own son just to get him to do work around the farm more. When the boys help him do better at the show, rather than be happy for her son, she is seen rather upset by the whole situation.


  • It was hinted in the first episode that Benjamin had a mother when Ms. Anthrope said "Your mother called". Again, it wasn't til episode 11 that Bernice was revealed to be his mother.
  • On Instagram, Dav commented on a fan's fanart of what Krupp's family would look like. He said that Benjamin's mother name is Grace. However here, her name is Bernice.
  • She has no idea that her son is Captain Underpants.