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Blissmas is a Thing is a song sung by George Beard and Harold Hutchins in "The Xtreme Xploits of the Xplosive Xmas".


George: Got a burnin' tree that's a rocket too!

Harold: Got a DJ bumpin' beats that'll make you scream "Whoo!"

George: Got a glowing half-pipe for catching holiday air!

Harold: And there's lasers,

George: lasers,

Harold: lasers,

George: lasers,

Both: lasers everywhere!

George: We're wearing capes!

Harold: And racing apes!

Both: This is everything we've ever wanted, in a holiday!

George: No more carols to sing!

Harold: No more sleigh bells to ring!

George: We're dancing on a hovercraft,

Harold: 'Cause Blissmas is a thing!

George: Grab a rope and swing!

Harold: Eat a drink like a king!

Both: We all just hit the jackpot, 'Cause Blissmas is a thing!