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Book 'Em Dog Man is a comic made by George Beard and Harold Hutchins when they were in first grade. It is chapter 3 in the first Dog Man book and Comics Squad: Recess!. It is one of the comics seen in Captain Underpants and the Tyrannical Retaliation of the Turbo Toilet 2000 when the Turbo Toilet 2000 smashes the treehouse, making Tony, Orlando, and Dawn (Crackers and Sulu's children) hatch.


Petey sits in his cell sad, contemplating how Dog Man always gets the best of him. So, Petey escapes to find out how Dog Man is smart enough to capture him. He sneaks to his house, only to find Dog Man reading a book. Petey grabs his smartometer to check, reading 'Smart'. Petey now comes up with a plan to make people stupid.

A week later, Petey has finished his invention: Word-B-Gone 2000™. He tests it on a book, and it erases all the words in it. So Petey tests it out more on stop signs, bookstores, schools and libraries. Soon, Petey attaches his invention to an airplane and erases all the words in every book in the world.

Soon, everyone doesn't read and, just like Petey predicted, they become stupid.

Two weeks later, according to the smartometer, the world has become 'Supa Dumb'. Petey wants to see how stupid they became, so he goes to the car lot. He demands a car while the manager is busy talking about his cat and his mother. So, Petey takes a car, waving goodbye to the manager. The same thing happens at the bank, he gets 'free' money and a 'free' flat-screen television.

Meanwhile, the police are doing stupid things. A police officer, carrying poop, runs to the Chief to inform him about a person pooping in his office. Chief calls up Dog Man about solving the 'terrible crime'. Dog Man then questions a chair, lie-detects a jar of pee, and works with a sketch artist, who draws a butt. Dog Man even goes on a stakeout, by that he goes out and eats steak.

Petey is having trouble too, as all the T.V. shows are stupid. His car is ruined thanks to his mechanics literally filling up the car with petroleum. He even can't live well in his lab, as his butler is stupid. When Petey told him to take out the trash, the butler took it out on a date. Petey really dislikes having to be the only smart person.

Petey later goes to Dippy's Donuts because he wants to get some donuts, but Dippy keeps messing up his order. She keeps saying that they sell them by the dozen, even though Petey asked for twelve. Then she says that they only sell them by sixteen. She understands, but says to the baker to make "sixteen bagels". Petey tells her straight, but she just asks him if he wants mustard for his bagels. Petey tells her again, but this time gets a lecture, followed by his bagels. When Petey exits the donut store, he sees a homeless person who is starving. Petey offers him his bagels, but is rejected since the man dislikes bagels.

Petey reads his books back at his lab, which were the only informative books left on Earth. The world gets even stupider.

2 weeks later, Petey has become a slob. His toenails are long, and his room is messy and unhygienic. Meanwhile, Dog Man is still solving the case, arresting an apple tree. Suddenly, Dog Man smells the mess in Petey's lab. He finds the books and reads all of them, gaining more knowledge. He then passes them out to the school. Petey comes back, only to find a trail of books leading to the school. The bell rings to signal recess for the children. They come pouring out, bumping into Petey, causing him to drop his books.

After the effort to try and collect books scattered near the playground furniture, Petey is arrested and all the books on Earth get zapped back to normal. Soon after, the cops finally find out who pooped in Chief's office. After seeing Dog Man in the security footage, Chief angrily chases Dog Man around the police station.