Bugg Usalowzgi


Bugg is one of Kipper Krupp's goons. He is an African American boy with curly hair and he often accompanies Kipper and his other thugs, Loogie and Finkstein. They terrorize Jerome Horwitz Elementary School and bully the children there. When Harold Hutchins, aged 6, walks to school and hides behind a gas station sign, the owner sees him and Kipper and his goons beat him up. George Beard, aged 5 and three quarters, appears and beats the bullies up with his tie, intimidating them. The boys become friends and publish their first comic: Dog Man. Soon, the boys gain knowledge of Kipper's timetable and know that he's in wresting practice until 4:30. Soon, they decide to get back at Kipper and his goons by giving the children back their lunch money. They first get revenge by putting Susie Sunshine friendship bracelets inside Kipper's locker and forge a note, saying that the cheerleaders gave the bracelets to him. Bugg, Loogie and Finkstein however, are disappointed. He sees another note reading "There is no escape! Signed Wedgie Magee."  George and Harold then put dresses and dolls into Kipper's locker and he gets back at the boys by purchasing a pick-proof padlock. The boys then get back by writing a comic book called Wedgie Magee. Kipper and his goons are scared and run away. They then start being kind to the children and stop picking on them. However, Tippy Tinkletrousers appears in the alternative ending and Kipper and his goons are scared so bad, they go insane and are placed in the Piqua Valley Home for The Reality Challenged. This causes Mr. Krupp to lose his job and, because he was not there to be turned into Captain Underpants, Dr. Diaper, the Talking Toilets and Zombie Nerds all but wiped out life on Earth in the future. Tippy then reverses this by going back in time to the night when the bullies encounter him. When the boys come running outside, Tippy freezes them to make sure they don't see the Robo-Trousers, eventually restoring the flow of time.

He’s voice by Len Forgione in the Sound-O-Rama Audiobooks

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