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Captain Nanopants is the supervillain from The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants. He is the alter ego of Benjamin Krupp who was created after getting controlled by Melvinborg's Nanobots. He appears in "The Taxing Trauma of the Treacherous Tattle Trials Part 2".


The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants[]

After the Nanobots exit the drone, Melvinborg mentions that they may be forced to find a new host. They quickly find one, as Captain Underpants notes that his head is buzzing and it feels like little robots are trying to take over his brain. The Nanobots successfully take over Captain Underpants' body, and he begins to grow exponentially as his eyes start glowing green. George and Harold name the new combination "Captain Nanopants". The Nanobots explain that they intend to use their new body to enact vengeance on Melvin for oppressing them for so long, and eventually world domination. Nanopants is about to step on the gang, but stops when he suddenly switches back to Captain Underpants, with Melvinborg noting they haven't taken full control of him yet. The Nanobots quickly regain control, flying away after deciding to wreak havoc on Piqua.

Later, the gang flies towards Captain Nanopants and shrinks down as the supervillain tries to punch them. The Nanobots notice that their new "flabby" body has a deceptive amount of power. Melvin, George, and Harold fly inside Cap's ear and head to his brain. They recruit the captain's brain cells to lead a revolt against the Nanobots. They notice the Nanobots converting each of his brain cells to nanocells, and Melvinborg notes that Captain Underpants' mind will be lost forever if they "nanotize" all of them. The brain cells defeat Nanozero, the Nanobot's leader, and the Nanobots are successfully expelled from his brain. Captain Underpants regains control of his body, and is splashed on the head with water from a fire hydrant. Finally free, the delirious Mr. Krupp wonders where his pants are and why everything looks so small.


He looks like the original Captain Underpants, except for the off-white and short cape and underpants, along with bright, glowing green eyes.