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  —Captain Pandernuts' catchphrase  

Captain Pandernuts is the blue-skinned doppelgänger of Captain Underpants. He only appears in "The Disturbing Dilemma of the Dysfunctional Doppelgangers." At the end of the episode, the Waistband Warrior manages to defeat him with the help of Livmen's Apple Piecacchino 2000.


  • He could possibly be a reference to Captain Blunderpants, as they share many traits. Both are evil doppelgängers of Captain Underpants whose methods of transformation contrast his own. Additionally, their catchphrases are both "La La Tra!".
  • It is unknown how he turns back into Purpk.
  • He is summoned if someone claps around him -as opposed to someone snapping their fingers around him.