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Cat Kid Comic Club is a spin-off book to the Dog Man series.


Chapter 1: Ideas[]

Li’l Petey and the frogs are in the first Cat Kid Comic Club meeting, and Li’l Petey is the President and Molly is the Vice President. Melvin says he’s the senior Vice President, and the frogs decide to make their own silly ranks. Corky says he’s the boss of all of them, and Starla says that he’s fired. Corky cries, but Flippy soon breaks the tension. Li’l Petey asks them to write down what they like most. Melvin writes down what he loves, and Li’l Petey likes Melvin’s approach. Melvin makes a comic a about a toothbrush named Dennis who wants to be a lawyer for Dinosaurs.

Scene from Chapter 1

Comic 1: Dennis the Toothbrush Who Wanted to Be a Dinosaur Lawyer See Dennis the Toothbrush Who Wanted to Be a Dinosaur Lawyer for the comic's summary.[]

Naomi calls Melvin's story dumb, and Flippy scolds her. Flippy tells Naomi to apologize, or she will have to go to the time-out rock. Naomi tells Melvin she’s sorry that his comic was dumb, landing her on the time-out rock. The day is over, and Li’l Petey wonders if the next day will get any worse.

Chapter 2: We Quit![]


On Day 2, Li’l Petey asks if anyone worked on comics. Some frogs didn’t have any ideas, and other thought their comics were dumb. Starla and Summer hate it, and they decide to quit. Li’l Petey asks if they have any other things they like. Starla likes poetry and Summer likes photography. Li’l Petey says that they can also make comics with those materials. Starla and Summer leave excited, while Li’l Petey and Molly go back to the meeting. Molly scolds the frogs for being too afraid of making mistakes and calls them 'fraidy frogs. Lil Petey encourages the frogs that if they can’t think of good things, think of dumb things and fail. The frogs agree and leave to work on their comics.

Chapter 3: Four Fabulous Flops[]

On Day 3, Molly asks the frogs if they made comics last night that seem bad. In response, Poppy showed her comic (The Cute, Little, Fluffy Cloud of Death) and so did K.T (Supa Fail). Pedro also showed his comic, claiming he made an embarrassment not just to him, but others. Li'l Petey then asks the frogs who would like to go first. Pink showed his comic (Monster Cheese Sandwich) last, saying he and his team would like to go first.

Comic 2: Monster Cheese Sandwich See Monster Cheese Sandwich for the comic's summary.[]

File:Monster cheese sandwich.PNG

Poppy tells Pink that it was awesome, but then Kip says that since he didn't make a bad comic, he failed at failing, much to the disappointment of Pink. Flippy says the book was good, but he didn't like the violent ending. Lil' Petey asks who wants to go next, and Pedro says he does.

Comic 3: My Dog See My Dog for the comic's summary.[]

File:My Dog.PNG

The other frogs and Flippy say that they really like the book, but Flippy says the potty humor wasn't necessary. When a frog asks why, Flippy says that there is nothing funny about poo-poo, causing all the frogs to laugh. Flippy asks if anyone made a comic that wasn't violent or disgusting, and K.T. responds, saying their comic is free of offensiveness.

Comic 4: Supa Fail See Supa Fail for the comic's summary.[]

The entire class laughed that the comic is not offensive because of its comic's ending. Flippy is disturbed to see these comics, calling them awful. Flippy then asks Poppy to read her comic, so she does.

Comic 5: The Cute, Little, Fluffy Cloud of Death See The Cute, Little, Fluffy Cloud of Death for the comic's summary.[]

After Poppy is done, Worried, Flippy takes her aside and asks her if she was ok. Poppy said she was and just liked to draw ghosts. Once they get back, Li'l Petey and Molly are handing out the rewards, giving her the award for ''weirdest comic''. All of the frogs started to talk about more comics that could make, but Flippy shuts it down.

Chapter 4: New Rules[]


The last page of chapter 4.

Flippy starts lecturing about the comic being too immature and violent. Raine and Corky get sad because they couldn't finish their comic, so Flippy has a look at their cover for the comic: Frankenfart vs. The Bionic Barf Bunnies From Diarrhea Land. He tells them that they couldn't. Flippy then soon tells everyone that their comics must be wholesome, uplifting and with good values, morals, integrity and upright virtue. The tadpoles get bored and immediately leave. With an empty audience, Flippy tells them that they should have purity, honor and ethics. Then he realizes that the tadpoles have left.

Chapter 5: The House Call[]

Flippy called the doctor and nurse lady and they were on their way to the trailer. Flippy told them the frogs are in the bowling ally, They read the comics, and they loved them. Flippy got told that he needs to be more chill.

Chapter 6: King of the Chill[]

Flippy apologizes for being rude and making too many rules for them to follow. He is sad that he uses only his taste and judging the comics yesterday. Melvin switches the topic to trying their best and shows Dennis the Toothbrush Who Wanted to Be a Dinosaur Lawyer 2: Cretaceous Courtroom.

Comic 6: Dennis the Toothbrush Who Wanted to Be a Dinosaur Lawyer 2: Cretaceous Courtroom See Dennis the Toothbrush Who Wanted to Be a Dinosaur Lawyer 2: Cretaceous Courtroom for the comic's summary.[]

Melvin makes up lots of dumb facts that almost everyone can say that it's fake. Naomi criticizes Melvin by saying it was her idea anyway and also for copying drawings out of books. Lil Petey and Molly teach the frogs how copying is good and Melvin tattles on her again.

Flippy says that Melvin shouldn't make up facts and Melvin claims he tried to look it up but Summer and Starla were using the computer to make their Haiku comic transitioning it to their comic.

Comic 7: Birds Flowers Trees: Haiku and Photos[]

It is a simple haiku about nature.

Chapter 7: A Novel Idea[]

Wendy and Raine are still at a session. Flippy asks why they are still here and they say that they need inspiration for a story. Flippy says that they don't deserve inspiration, but he gave an advice to force themselves to create and the 2 frogs say they're aren't good at writing. Flippy tells them to make an biographical story. The 2 frogs then have an idea to make an autobiographical story about Flippy. Flippy tells them they can't make a story about him. One frog then asks why and the other replies "Because he doesn't drive a car." Flippy then denies this answer. A frog requests Flippy to tell the frog all about his life. Flippy then continues to tell the frogs.

Chapter 8: The Show and Tell Party[]

Comic Preview 1: Squid Kid and Katydid[]

In Li'l Petey and Molly's comic, Squid Kid is peculiar from the others and layed him off, while on the distant side, Katydid has a different thought than the others, which lets her cry. Together, these misfits met each other and their lives changed over their friendship.

Comic Preview 2: Baby Flippy[]

Baby Flippy is the smallest fish among others in the sea, who was bullied by the sea creatures, drifted in the ocean, and they let him alone. He faces his courage along the way on his journey.

Comic Preview 3: Chubbs McSpiderbutt[]

A man named Chubbs McSpiderbutt accidentally sat down on a flying spider named Jake. The spider's venom had turned Chubbs' human legs into spider legs that shocked him. Jake apologized him for what he done to Chubbs. And they went on to be superheroes.

Comic Preview 4: Baby Frog Squad[]

Three baby frogs attended the police academy where they study, learning the art of Kung-Fu, and enforcing traffic at the road, until they got tired doing these. One time, a baby frog had an idea, so they worked immediately on the spaceship and flew to save the universe. On their way to Planet #39, the computer alerted with an incoming bully scaring a friend, and the baby frogs bravely facing him to halt their fight.


  • Captain Underpants makes a cameo in Lil' Petey's drawings.
  • Nurse Lady mentions Shakespeare in her speech.
  • Chubbs McSpiderbutt, one of George and Harold's toys who made a cameo in Dog Man: Fetch-22, appears in a comic.
  • Monster Cheese Sandwich is a comic that which is a bit similar to the Gingerbread Man, due to some events in the two of them making them sound almost the same.
  • In French, this book is called "Cat Kid and His Comic Book Club".
  • One of the comics presented in Chapter 4 is a reference to a similar fake book 'teased' in the end of Captain Underpants 8.
  • One of the books on page 98 is “The Mysterious Stranger” by Mark Twain, released in 1916.
  • One of the books on page 98 is “The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, released in 1392.
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