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Cat Kid Comic Club: Collaborations is the fourth Cat Kid Comic Club book.


Chapter 1: Off to a Bad Start[]

Sarah Hatoff is streaming another day of the Cat Kid Comic Club where she asks Li'l Petey and Molly If they were excited about yesterday's mayhem, to which both of them reply with "Yeah." Sarah gets frustrated and cuts the stream. She then explains to them that they discussed about one-word answers and request them not to say "Yeah" or "Nope" to every question. She then starts the stream again ask them the same question from earlier, to which they say "Yes ma'am." much to her frustration. Li'l then explain that Baby Frog Squad is going to get published. Molly then says "It's gonna be a real book and stuff." and talks with her mouth on the microphone. Sarah asks her to speak normally, to which she agrees with and yells "AND STUFF!!!" just when Flippy arrives.

He reveals that there will be no Comic Club as Molly's room was a mess. Rico and Drake are upset as they're getting punished as well just because Molly didn't clean her room. Flippy then asks if their rooms are clean, and they awkwardly say no. As they both run inside, he angrily tells them to start cleaning, and that he will be checking everyone's rooms to see if they are actually tidy. Just then, Starla, Raine, Wendy and Summer run to Flippy and tell him that their rooms are clean and finished their comics, but are sad as they won't be able to share it to them. Sarah then tells them that they can read their comics to the camera (and thus the world), to which they become happy again.

Chapter 2: The Best Day of All Time[]

Sarah Hatoff tells the audience that the first comic is made by Wendy and Raine. She continues that is a 'serialized biography' about Flippy when he was a kid.

Comic 1: The Continuing Saga of Baby Flippy[]

The comic starts with a recap of the story thus far. Baby Flippy, the octopus, and the two sailors are trapped inside the shark. The two bully Baby Flippy, to which he 'flips out', and beat them. Baby Flippy then threw them out of the shark and to a buoy, accidentally saving them. The octopus and Baby Flippy escape the shark and they swam to the bottom of the ocean and hid in a cave. Suddenly, the cave starts moving. The comic ends as it rises from the water, revealing it to be a spaceship!

Sarah tells Flippy that he had an exiting life, but he said that none of it was true. The kids said that they 'spiced up' things a little, but Flippy says, "that story was ALL SPICE!!!" Wendy and Raine tell him they did that because his true story was boring. Flippy then says that words can be hurtful, and they both apologized. Pedro asks a question about the comic, revealing that all the other frogs were listening to the story too. Flippy yells at them to get back to cleaning their rooms. Meanwhile, Sarah asks Summer and Starla to share their comic.

Comic 2: In The Autumn Pond: Haiku, Shodo and Photos[]

The comic cannot be summarized, for it is another haiku book created by Summer and Starla, so read it yourself.

Sarah remarks that the comic was lovely. Flippy agrees, but is sad that the others weren't able to see it. He then sees all the other frogs sitting on the roof of the Camper Van. Flippy once again yells at them to get back to cleaning their rooms.

Chapter 3: A Walk in the Woods[]

Summer and Starla are showing Sarah, Zuzu and Roscoe all about nature in autumn.

Chapter 4: Gilbert and Curly Heed the Call[]

Curly and Gilbert get the idea of Frogzilla.

Chapter 5: The Parody that Relied Heavily on the Fair-Use Defense to Forestall any Liability for Copyright Infringement[]

Sarah Hatoff visits Flippy's Camper Van when Curly and Gilbert are still making Frogzilla, and when the frogs were finished, one of them showed the comic.

Comic 3: Frogzilla[]

Felix and Jax are at school playing games when the teacher tells them to stop. They say that the game teaches "valuable life skills" but when the teacher hears Felix say "Quick! Smash the evil bunny!", she tells them that they need to do their science project, which is to dissect a frog. But then Felix says that because they are frogs, but they thought why are they dissecting a frog. Then Felix objects on moral grounds, while Jax objects on weirdness grounds. The teacher made them clean the science lab. Felix and Jax accidentally tossed a jar of nuclear waste into the trash can. The dead frog becomes Frogzilla. Felix and Jax is still playing their game. Frogzilla destroys the school and Felix and Jax lost the game. Jax calls the cops and Chief answers, only for him and Dog Man to save to day, but they nearly saved the day, getting eaten by Frogzilla.

Sarah Hatoff, Zuzu and Roscoe arrive and Sarah reports that Chief and Dog Man have been eaten, it’s for Felix and Jax to save the day, leading to Frogzilla Vs Mechafrogzilla in Cat Kid Comic Club: Influencers.

Chapter 6: Business Partners[]

Naomi and Melvin are asking Flippy if they can talk to the Publisher Lady. They get out of Flippy’s office, and the creators of Baby Frog Squad ask Naomi and Melvin did the publisher lady say anything, and Naomi says that Flippy won’t let them talk to her. Then the two cry while sitting on a log, saying: “ALL WE WANTED TO DO WAS BE RESPONSIBLE!”.

Chapter 7: Melvin and Naomi Get Their Chance[]

Comic 4: Chubbs McSpiderbutt: Easy Spider[]

Chapter 8: The Smallest Act of Kindness[]

Comic 5: Run, Little Baby, Run![]

Chapter 9: Regrets[]

Comic 6: Mallo Cop[]

A marshmallow wants to be a cop, so he goes to the cops, met the Chief named Candi D. Spencer. He shows that he has glasses, then the Chief declines. Then the marshmallow shows he has a mustache and then he becomes a cop. He joins with a partner named Chuck Litbar, who is a Chocolate Bar. They go in their Cop Car mad of Graham Crackers who calls her “Gramma”. Chuck thinks it’s is a joke for smores as they headed to the campsite.

Chapter 10: Naomi and Melvin Learn Their Lesson (Sort Of)[]


  • The book was released in Australia on December 1, 2022.[1]
  • Roscoe's shirt is similar to Charlie Brown's shirt from the Peanuts franchise.
  • Sarah’s arm on page 8 has no sleeve.
  • When Baby Flippy got angry in the Continuing Saga of Baby Flippy, he is very similar to Marvel's Hulk, even in which one of the frogs says "Hurry, before he grows into Baby Hulk again!!!".
  • At the end of chapter 6, Naomi has no eyelashes when crying.
  • This is the first book to not include the "About the Author/Illustrator" or "Keep reading with Dav Pilkey!" sections at the end of the book.
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