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Cat Kid Comic Club: On Purpose is the third Cat Kid Comic Club book.


Chapter 1: Weekend Woes[]

One Sunday, Melvin asks Flippy if the ''publisher lady'' wrote back. Unfortunately, she hasn't written back. Annoyed, Melvin goes outside and sees his sister, Naomi writing a list of things to buy when she becomes a millionaire. Flippy tells them their book might not get published, and even it does, he doesn’t want them buying silly stuff, and any money they earn is going to their college fund. Naomi tells Flippy that she doesn’t want to go to college. Flippy says that if that was the case, it would pay for Melvin’s and for anyone who wants to go. Angry, Naomi says that she would go to college.

Chapter 2: Bedtime Worries[]

That night, The Baby Frogs are messing around when they should be getting ready for bed, so Flippy scolds them. Then, the frogs start telling Flippy that they love him over and over. Annoyed, Flippy states that if they didn't get in bed, he would play the Ethel Merman Disco Album. This terrifies the frogs, and they rush to their rooms. Flippy notices that Naomi looked sad and asked her what was wrong. Naomi explains that she thinks her book is not going to be published, exclaiming that she would never be rich.

Chapter 3: The Big Surprise[]

The following Monday, the Cat Kid Comic Club begins their third week. Melvin tells the club that she would share her comic first, and she does.

Naomi's Comic: The Under Werewolves[]

Lou and Rose didn't wear clothes. So, their grandma gave them underwear, saying ''Underwear is fun to wear!''. The three were having fun, but they come across a Monster Fashion Show. Vampire Joe, Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein and the Mummy were fighting over how good they looked. Lou and Rose go down, and say, " Listen you! No need for calling names! Just poke your nose beneath your clothes, you'll see we're all the same!". The three monsters revealed their underwear to each other, and they all get along.

All the frogs praise Naomi's comic, saying it was awesome. Melvin says that Naomi was going to be a millionaire and buy an ice-cream machine for everyone.Kendrick asks when her comic would be published and how they knew about the publisher, but Molly said that she and Li'l Petey knew from their friend, Sarah Hatoff. Li'l Petey announces a big surprise, when Molly interrupted that Sarah is coming tomorrow. They were surprised by the announcement, Li'l Petey told Molly that it was supposed to be a surprise, making her apologized. Drake asked if they're going to be on TV, feeling famous, and Li'l Petey agrees, saying they were. Flippy reminds them to be on their best behavior.

Chapter 4: Naomi's Revelation[]

Naomi began showing everyone to draw things in her style. After the lesson, Flippy suggests that maybe Naomi’s purpose was to be a teacher. Naomi asks him if teachers made a lot of money. Flippy says that they usually didn't, making Naomi say ''Pass!''.

Chapter 5: She Writes Back[]

The following day, Flippy announces that Sarah was going to arrive soon. so Flippy tells the frogs to be on their best behavior and he, Li'l Petey and Molly leave. The frogs then get bored and then Melvin tries to see what Flippy's phone has said. so he gets out of his seat and was shocked to see that the publisher lady has finally written back. They see that she called the ''Under WereWolfs'' comic ''funny'' and ''cute'', but felt like the comic supported the idea of ''Global Sameness''. An idea that believes that everyone is the same, but fails to see that there are people who don't get the same opportunities in life. Naomi and Melvin fight for the phone, but they end up tossing the phone into the air and it lands on the ground, cracking it. Naomi reads the rest of the email and sees that the publisher lady rejected the book, making Naomi tear her comic into pieces. Naomi says she quits the comic club, causing all of the frogs to cry, and Melvin and Naomi to get into an argument.

Chapter 6: Our Worst Behavior[]

As Flippy heads back with Sarah, they are shocked to see the baby frogs crying. Kip and Deb explain to Flippy what happened. Flippy panics and thinks Sarah is going to leave, but to his surprise, Sarah exclaims that now, she could have a more interesting story to tell, saying that it would be the story of the year.

Chapter 7: Sarah Hatoff: Special Report[]

Sarah starts her special report with announcing that the Cat Kid Comic Club is in its 3rd week, and tensions are sky high. Melvin tells Sarah what happened, and starts crying. Curly has an idea, saying he, K.T. and Kip can read their new comic to Melvin.

Comic 2: Supa Fail 3: Goodbye, Cruel World[]

Previously, in Super Fail 2, Old lady showed Super Fail that since he put the Polluter Computer in a power plant, it was going to blow up. Super Fail exclaims that he would solve this problem by throwing the Nuclear Power Plant into space, causing the sun to blow up, and for the world to get cold. Super Fail sees what seems to be firewood and tries to start a fire. But, the ''firewood'' was actually dynamite, setting the world ablaze. Super Fail then flies to the moon and picks it up. He uses the moon to scoop out some water from the ocean and dumps it onto the earth. He puts out the fire, but also floods the world. Supa Fail then brought some giant sponges from a girl named Young Lady. But when he left, she was revealed to be old lady in disguise and the giant sponges was actually quick drying cement, turning the earth as hard as a rock. It cracks and it breaks. Supa Fail then says ''Sowwy!!''.

Melvin then complains about the comic, saying that Supa Fail never had powers in the first book, and it didn't make sense that he did now. Curly, K.T. and Kip got happy because they finally failed, confusing Sarah.

Chapter 8: The Time Out Rock[]

Poppy runs to the Time-out rock and tries to cheer Naomi up, but fails to do so. Naomi then says that she couldn't go back to the club, since she feels like she made everybody mad, and she feels like Wendy and El hated her. Poppy then goes to talk to them, much to Naomi's dismay.

Chapter 9: That Night...[]

Wendy and El go up to Naomi, saying they got an ''Anonymous tip'' that she wanted to talk to them, Naomi explains to the both of them about how she didn't mean to offend them with her comic. The two of them understand and they all hug. Flippy gets happy because the baby frogs were being kind, but then, Wendy says that they can hide up a tree, and when someone walks by, they spit water on their heads, disappointing Flippy.

Chapter 10: New Day, New Comic[]

Sarah is reporting the frogs about their comics, so Billie, Frida, El, and Deb show their comic, "Baby Frog Squad: Transfroggers".

Comic 3: Baby Frog Squad: Transfroggers[]

The story begins in space. Brutus wakes the frogs up, telling them that there was a bully on Planet 61. The frogs get in their Space Buggies and set off to Plant 61. The frogs wrap the bully in rope, but the rope is cut, and the frogs are thrown into the air. Brutus calls the frogs and tells them that their Space Buggies could turn into robots. Knowing this, the frogs transform and announce that once they were done, they would give Brutus a hug.

Comic 4: Skelopup and the Happy Game[]

Skeleton Boy and Skelopup were worried about Ghost Girl. Ever since her cat died, she hasn't been smiling. So, Skelopup comes up with an idea: For 30 minutes, they must all be happy, or they lost the game. This game finally makes Ghost Girl feel happy.

Chapter 11: Melvin's Awesome Idea[]

Melvin scans the comics Skelopup and the Happy Game with Baby Frog Squad: Transfroggers with each other when Flippy notices what he's doing. Flippy then explains what happened with Naomi's comic, and Melvin just says that they had to keep trying even when things got tough.

Chapter 12: New Comic, Old Problem[]

Sarah Hatoff starts the day off with Drake trying to explain what his latest comic his about but ends up not giving any details and proceeds to read it. Then after he read the comic, Melvin says its offensive, saying the comic was just about butts. Then, Flippy gets an email, it's the publisher lady writing back. Melvin reads the mail and finds out she rejected Poppy's comic, saying it was too ''disturbing'' Melvin suggests that Poppy made all of the characters ''normal'', but Poppy rejects, saying she just wanted to be herself and said she was sorry if that was ''disturbing''. She runs away, saying she quit the club.

Comic 5: Chubbs McSpiderbutt Part 2: The Birth of Big Bubba Babyhead[]

The comic starts with Chubbs and Jake being confronted by the Not Very Nice Club (NVNC). Chubbs convinces Jake to fight the Club, but Jake chooses to go out for sushi instead. The NVNC then vow to gain muscles.

Chapter 13: Just Be You[]

Poppy is explaining to Naomi about the publisher lady saying her comic was disturbing, and thought it meant that she was disturbing. Naomi tells her that the lady just didn't like her story, and she didn't have to change a thing about it. The two rejoin the club together. Flippy tells Naomi that he heard everything that she told Poppy and suggests that she could be a therapist. Naomi asks if therapists made a lot of money. Flippy says that they don't make too much, causing her to once again say ''PASS!!''.

Chapter 14: A Buncha Stuff That Changed Everything[]

Poppy returns to the comic club, stating she was going to be herself. Melvin is happy that Naomi was back, but tries to hide it. Suddenly, Flippy gets another email from the publisher lady. Melvin reads it and gets extremely excited, saying that Baby Frog Squad was going to get published, making all of the other frogs happy also. Melvin says they just need to make 224 pages to make the comic, causing the frogs to get terrified and they start to doubt themselves. Naomi shouts ''HEY!!'', telling them they were all going to work on the book together, as a group.

That night, the Baby Frogs were messing around again, so Flippy has to tell them to go to bed once again. Naomi says being the director for the book was the best job for her. She asks Flippy if directors made a lot of money, to which he responds that they do. She yells to the frogs that they were going to get an ice cream machine, exciting the frogs once more, making Flippy have to tell them to get back in their beds.


  • The cover's artwork uses different art materials - cardboard, wire, crumpled construction paper, putty, acrylic paints, glue, and a small sheet of fake grass. The characters are all made of clay.
  • For Baby Frog Squad: Transfroggers, the planets are balloons airbrushed with markers and photographed in front of a light bulb. The melon-like planet is a close-up of a fruit cup's plastic lid.
  • The Baby Frog Squad's bunk beds are made from matchboxes glued to bamboo shish-kebab skewers.
  • In Chubbs McSpiderbutt 2: The Birth of Big Bubba Babyhead, Dav Pilkey took over 2,000 photographs, but only 111 were used in the entire comic.
  • Chubbs' argument in page 182 states that Spiders can produce webs from their spinnerets, located at the tips of their abdomens/butts, which is correct. Most spiders cannot shoot webs, but a few do, like for example, the Darwin's bark spider shoots a web up to 82 feet (25 meters) long.
  • Big Bubba Babyhead's Gym Shorts came from the original Big Jim action figure that came out on 1972. The toy also shares the same name of a character in the Dog Man series.
  • The Ethel Merman Disco Album actually exists. The album was released in 1979 in which Broadway singer Ethel Merman performs selected Broadway songs she starred in. In this book, the album is rarely used to frighten baby frogs. Flippy also uses the album in Cat Kid Comic Club: Influencers.
  • Melvin's dialogue on Page 169 is based from the quote:
"Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping-stones to success."
  —Dale Carnegie  
  • Sarah Hatoff and Zuzu appear in this book, as teased in Cat Kid Comic Club: Perspectives.
  • The book was supposed to be released on April 5, 2022, but it was pushed back the following week, April 12, 2022.
  • The Big Bubba Babyhead returns in this book. His first appearance is on George and Harold's Introduction in Dog Man: Fetch-22.
  • At the beginning of Chapter 2, Corky and Drake are playing with Croak Toothpaste. It is a spoof of Crest Toothpaste.
  • Curly and Frida's bedrooms has posters of Commander Cupcake. One of them is used from Chapter 13 (Commander Cupcake Returns) of Dog Man: For Whom The Ball Rolls.
  • Naomi's bedroom poster, Supa Bella, is a parody of Wonder Woman. Here she is played by Yolay Caprese and directed by Samuel Hamilton in the Dog Man series.
  • In The Under Werewolves, Mr. Hyde's wears the B.V.D.S (boxer shorts), an underwear brand for men.
  • The title of Baby Frog Squad: Transfroggers is based from the Transformers franchise. Both of these has vehicles transforming into robots.
  • The introduction in Baby Frog Squad: Transfroggers were based from the opening speech of the original Star Trek TV series.
  • In Chubbs McSpiderbutt 2: The Birth of Big Bubba Babyhead, Chubbs and Jake mentioned Spider-Man while eating sushi.
  • Melvin mentioned that the published book will have 224 pages, as lampshaded that most of Dav Pilkey's books shares the same page count.  


  • On the first panel of page 212, Naomi’s eyelashes are missing.

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