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Cat Kid Comic Club: Perspectives is the second book in the Cat Kid Comic Club series.



Li'l Petey, Molly, Flippy, and twenty-one rambunctious baby frogs are back for another creative adventure! Cat Kid Comic Club is back in session in this dynamic and original graphic novel by Dav Pilkey, the author and illustrator of Dog Man and Captain Underpants!

Flippy, Molly, and Li'l Petey have new lessons planned for Melvin, Naomi, and their nineteen siblings. The baby frogs have a lot to learn -- both inside and outside of class. Will they figure out how to work together and see things from one another's point of view?

The shenanigans are nonstop and the comics are thoughtful, funny, and full of heart. Author and illustrator Dav Pilkey uses an assortment of art techniques to illustrate his trademark humour in this joyful graphic novel adventure that fosters creativity, independence, and empathy.

Summary, part 2[]

Cat Kid Comic Club is back in session in this groundbreaking graphic novel narrative by Dav Pilkey, the worldwide bestselling and award-winning author and illustrator of Dog Man.

Flippy, Molly, Li'l Petey, and twenty-one baby frogs each have something to say. Naomi and Melvin don't see eye to eye and Poppy perceives the world differently than her siblings. Will the baby frogs figure out how to work together and appreciate one another's point of view -- both inside and outside the classroom?

The shenanigans are nonstop and the baby frogs' minicomics are funny and full of heart. Creating stories within a story, author and illustrator Dav Pilkey uses a variety of techniques -- including acrylic paints, colored pencils, Japanese calligraphy, photography, collage, gouache, watercolors, and much more -- to portray each frog's perspective. The kaleidoscope of art styles, paired with Pilkey's trademark storytelling and humor, fosters creativity, collaboration, independence, and empathy. Readers of all ages will relish this joyful graphic novel adventure.



Chapter 1: Time Wasters[]

The second week of the comic club starts. And everyone keeps goofing around. LP and Molly teach them how to make bubble letters, as well as 3D name logos. Naomi causes trouble and she ends up in the Time-Out Rock. Melvin and Raine switch seats. Molly and LP acknowledges that they have to start the day over the next day because they were a bunch of time wasters. Curly and Gilbert make a comic idea based around the words Time Wasters.

Chapter 2: More Goofing Around[]

The second day of the second week of the comic club starts off with everyone goofing around and Naomi and Melvin fighting. Curly and Gilbert shares their new comic to everyone, and The H.A.C.K.E.R. Brothers present their long-awaited comic, Chubbs McSpiderbutt.

Comic 1: Time Wasters: Wasters of Time[]

Felix and Jax are given an assignment to make an essay about the Great Chicago Fire. They use a Time Portal to go back in time to prevent the Great Chicago Fire from starting. But they soon get distracted and start playing video games. But then, they realize that they have no Wi-Fi. So, they leave quickly to save the game's progress...

They return to school the next day, and give their report to their teacher. AND they get an F...

Comic 2: Chubbs McSpiderbutt[]

Chubbs sits on Jake the Spider. Then the venom transforms Chubbs' butt into a Spiderbutt. Then they decide to become superheroes and build a cool van. They soon encounter the Not Very Nice Club. The leader taunts them continuously, while unsuccessfully training his mentee to be unkind.


Continuing with the chapter, Naomi asks the H.A.C.K.E.R. Brothers if she could join them, but they decline her request. Melvin requests Flippy to go back to his former seat, and Flippy unhappily puts him back in his seat.

Chapter 3: New Day, New Perspective[]

The third day of the week begins as K.T., Kip, and Curly show off the long-awaited sequel to Supa Fail.

Comic 3: Supa Fail 2: Old Lady's Revenge[]

In the previous book, the world was destroyed. But Supa Fail taped the Earth back to its semi-planet status. The Old Lady vows revenge against Supa Fail and makes an evil computer. Supa Fail uses thumb tacks to hurt the computer, and the computer falls off a cliff. The Old Lady reveals that the computer fell into a Nuclear Power Plant, and things go terribly wrong.


Flippy notices a 3D building and praises the team for improving their drawing skills. Curly shows the class how to make 3D buildings. Naomi bugs Melvin whilst drawing a 3D building and Melvin screams: YOU'RE DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!

Chapter 4: Big Trouble for Little Melvin[]

Melvin and Flippy have a talk in the Time-Out Rock area. Melvin begs Flippy to not sit on the rock because he has a clean and obedient record. Flippy prompts him to make a kind comic about Naomi, and Melvin gets heated.

Chapter 5: The Next Day[]

Melvin makes a cover of Naomi. Naomi suggests that Melvin writes about how much he loves her as they walk to the comic club. Melvin says he doesn't love her and Naomi is the most annoying frog in the world. Naomi questions that if some big monster came out of the woods and wanted to beat her up, Melvin wouldn't try to protect her. Melvin argues back saying that he would as nobody messes with his sister, which means he loves her.

Chapter 6: Sister Stories[]

Melvin and Naomi were apparently late, and Poppy had to read out her new book twice.

Comic 4: Skelopup[]

Skelopup was once an old dog, but after they died, they became a skeleton. The Could of Death takes him to Deadville. Skelopup then meets a saddened Ghost Girl. She explains to him that she was upset that her cat wasn't dead like her anymore. Skelopup cheers her up, and the two have fun together.

Comic 5: Baby Flippy[]

Note: Flippy and Raine talked about the ending of this book, and they both finalized the book as a story based on Flippy's story. This comic is not a fully accurate biography.

After being bullied by bigger fish, Flippy went home crying. When he got home, Flippy's mom encouraged him. But as he got older, he got trapped in a pot with a squid, and was almost eaten. But they both escaped... UNTIL a shark appeared out of nowhere, and lightning zapped Flippy's captor... To be continued...


Wendy and Raine's siblings are mad that the book ended in a cliffhanger, and that its sequel won't be showcased until the following week.

Comic 6: Shodo Gardens: Photos, Poems and Calligraphy[]

Summer shows the club how to write Japanese characters.

Chapter 7: The Inspiration[]

Rico and Drake ask Molly if the Show and Tell party would be happening the next day. But Molly confirms that it won't happen, since the frogs were goofing around a lot. They blame Melvin and Naomi for the cause.

Naomi and Melvin go to a flea market, as Naomi needs inspiration. A guy challenges Melvin to knock down a bunch of bottles with a ball. Even though Melvin misses, he still congratulates the frog and gives him 3 balloons. Once Naomi tries, the man makes fun of her, saying she would lose, But Naomi knocks him out and expresses her emotions to Melvin. She tells him that life is unfair to her and other girls, as boys are usually treated better. Melvin starts to see things from her perspective and gets an idea for his punishment comic.

Chapter 8: The Saddest Friday of All Time[]

The baby frogs blame Naomi and Melvin for all their mistakes throughout the past week, but Flippy blames it all on himself. They all try to comfort him using comics.

Comic 7: Squid Kid and Katydid[]

Squid Kid was being made fun of all the time because they looked different. Katydid was being made fun of all the time because they thought differently. The two run into each other and spread love around the world.


The authors of Baby Frog Squad hype their comic up.

Comic: Baby Frog Squad[]

Frankie, C.C., and Boo used to work as Law Enforcers. But they changed their minds and became space heroes. They detect a bully on a planet, and try to stop the bully. But the bully ejects an evil robot out of his body. The baby frogs turn the robot into a good robot, and they prompt him to hug the bully. The bully runs away, and the victim is saved.


Flippy and the baby frogs are now happier, and one of them exclaims, "This chapter's title was way off!"

Chapter 9: Naomi and Melvin Redeem Themselves (Sort Of)[]

The frogs meet up with Naomi and Melvin, as they are ready to share their comics.

Comic 8: My Sister, Naomi[]

Melvin writes a comic all about his sister, Naomi and her perspective, with the formatting being like a song.


Naomi hugs Melvin for the first time, because the comic touched her heart. Naomi dethrones Kip as her favorite brother and enthrones Melvin instead. Naomi then showcases her comic...

Comic Preview: The Under Werewolves[]

Two werewolves and their grandma go to a fashion show to stop a quarrel.


The H.A.C.K.E.R. Brothers were intrigued by Naomi's comic, and they ask her to join the group. But Melvin takes over her decisions and declares that he will protect Naomi at all times. The two siblings start saying that they'll crush those who go against them, and they start laughing menacingly...

Can Naomi and Melvin remain besties? Will Flippy ever stop worrying? And WHO are the special guest stars dashing forth to investigate the comic club? Find out next time in Cat Kid Comic Club: On Purpose!!!

Notes & Fun Facts[]

  • In Squid Kid and Katydid, Squid Kid can spray ink when he was scared or threatened. It also applies to squids in reality, which contains melanin and usually bluish black, not purple.
  • The names of the Baby Frog Squad are based on breakfast cereals. Frankie is named after Franken Berry, C.C. is named after Count Chocula, and Boo is named after Boo Berry. Brutus, the pink robot, is also named after another breakfast cereal, Fruit Brute.
  • Naomi's dialogue at the end of Chapter 7 (page 157, panels 3 and 4) is inspired by a quote by Olivia Chaffin, a girl scout from Jonesborough, Tennessee who boycotted her Girl Scout cookies that has palm oils linked to deforestation. Her online petition went viral internationally.[1][2]
    • “I thought Girl Scouts was supposed to be about making the world a better place, but this isn’t at all making the world better.” — Olivia Chaffin
  • Chubbs and Jake's van includes an actual working studio inside, with stereo speakers, a mini subwoofer, 1970s faux-wood paneling, multicolored disco lights, and a mirrored floor.
  • The Baby Frog Squad's original spaceship from Book 1 got sat on accidentally but replaced with the robot frog. The robot frog is made out of cardboard, duct tape, wire, hot glue, and magnets (to let him fly). The eyes are plastic light bulb-shaped flashlights, and they can really light up!
  • At the end of Chapter 6: Sister Stories, Summer is writing the Zen Shodo phrase, "Za Ichi, So Shichi[3]", which translates to "Sit First, Dash Seven", meaning to start the day with a meditation, prayer or mindfulness before dashing around.
  • The little cars in Baby Frog Squad were made from the tops of Japanese salt containers, (taped together) with rice-dough lips and toy "building block" wheels duct-taped underneath.


  • Similar to the other Dog Man books, this book was initially planned to be released alongside Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot Full Color Edition, but the book was delayed to April 5, 2022.
  • The teased sequel to Chubbs McSpiderbutt is called "Chubbs McSpiderbutt 2: The Birth of Big Bubba Babyhead", a reference to Ambassador Babyhead, an action figure George and Harold played with in the first intro of Dog Man: Fetch-22.
  • In El's profile, it says their pronouns are they/them, which might mean that they are non-binary, or their gender is not confirmed.
  • At the end of the book, it is revealed that Sarah and Zuzu will appear in the next book, Cat Kid Comic Club: On Purpose.


  • On page 27, Naomi has to sit on the time-out rock. On page 28, she was back in her seat. Either this is because time has passed and Li’l Petey and Molly are now lecturing them after Naomi has left the rock — or this is because Dav Pilkey made an error.
  • On page 57, Gilbert says the H.A.C.K.E.R. Bros. don't want to work with anyone else, even though he himself has worked on Time Wasters with Curly in Chapter 1. Either this is another error on Pilkey's part, or because Curly & Gilbert are the same gender.
  • On page 62, Kip has eyelashes.
  • On page 125, Billie's eyelashes were missing.
  • On page 20, the frogs were told to draw around their name with a marker, but Kip and Poppy did it with their pencil.
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