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The Cheerleaders are a group of girls who cheer for Jerome Horwitz Elementary School's very own football team: the Purple Dragon Sing-A-Long Friends. Wendy Swan is the head cheerleader.


The Adventures of Captain Underpants[]

The cheerleaders used to be in a football team called the Horwitz Knuckleheads, but later on the name was changed to the Purple Dragon Sing-A-Long Friends. The team changed their name because when Mr. Krupp took the video tape from Harold, he had already switched it with his sister's Purple Dragon Sing-a-Long Friends video. So when Mr. Krupp played it, instead of showing George and Harold working on their pranks, it played the Purple Dragon Sing-a-Long Friends video. The Knuckleheads watched the VHS tape, and they loved it so much they changed the official team name.

Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Return of Tippy Tinkletrousers[]

The cheerleaders appeared after George and Harold placed an envelope and friendship bracelets inside one of Kipper Krupp's smelly shoes, then took a duffel bag where Kipper has been putting all of his stolen money in. The boys then made some more friendship bracelets, put them in Kipper's shoes, placed the friendship bracelet kit in Kipper's locker, and typed a text to Kipper's three goons. They ran out and went home.

When Kipper Krupp's wrestling practice ended, he walked up to his gym shelf and found an envelope written "Dear Kipper, we made these frendship braselits 4U because we think U R totely cool and stuff, the cheerleaders". So he showed them to his friends, but they thought that Kipper was inviting them to make friendship bracelets. When Kipper Krupp asked the cheerleaders for proof that they made it, they only responded with "Ewww!" and walked away.

The cheerleaders later appeared when George and Harold ran out of the school, pretending to have seen a ghost called "Wedgie Magee". One of the cheerleaders asked the little boys what was wrong. George replied with, "W-W-W-We just saw a g-g-g-ghost", and Harold said, "Y-Y-Yeah. He was in the hallway over by the lockers". The girls were terrified but also curious so they huddled up in a tight, shivering group as they tiptoed into the school to see for themselves. Everything looked normal, but they still screamed a lot anyway. When the three bullies opened their lockers and foamy, white "ectoplasm" flowed out, the cheerleaders screamed and ran out.