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DJ Drowsy Drawers is the super villain alter ego of Ms. Hurd. She only appears in "The Dreadful Debacle of DJ Drowsy Drawers".


The Epic Tales Of Captain Underpants[]

George and Harold put the My Hammy Sound Machine near Ms.Hurd's house with the sound of werewolves throwing up for her to not go to the dance and instead stay in the basement but the batteries of the My Hammy Sound Machine were not exactly full so Ms.Hurd was heading to the streets in the night but while in the road the ice cream truck and a truck transporting the school's next week lunch menu crashed with her creating DJ Drowsy Drawers meanwhile at the school Mr.Krupp was saying that nothing can turn the perfectly boring dance around but George and Harold showed up with the DJ desk playing the kids's favorite song The DJ Drowsy Drawers song and Mr.Krupp was saying no no fun no fun being afraid when DJ Drowsy Drawers came and with her song slept the kids except George and Harold then she tried to make George and Harold but the song hit Harold and he was sleeping and George snapped his fingers which woke up him and turned Mr.Krupp into Captain Underpants but DJ Drowsy Drawers slept him and Melvin came in with his raise-o-robitron 2000 and she slept him and George and Harold controled the robot but they saw that Captain Underpants was more awake so they put headphones in his head and made him fight her but she trapped him And the raise-o-robitron 2000 fell but captain underpants freed and sung a song that woke the kids up and he lifted her and spinned turning her back into Ms.Hurd and threw her in the basketball goal and Mr.Meaner threw juice on him which turned him back into Mr.Krupp,


DJ Drowsy Drawers Completely Transformed