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David Soren (born April 19, 1973) is a Canadian director, writer, voice actor, and storyboard artist at DreamWorks Animation. His most notable works are TV specials based on the Madagascar film franchise, Merry Madagascar, and Madly Madagascar. He directed the 2013 animated feature film Turbo, which is based on his own original concept.

He voices Tommy in Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie.

Early life and career[]

Soren was born in Toronto, Canada, raised in Hamilton, and graduated from Sheridan College. His final student project, an animated short film Mr. Lucky, received many accolades, and it was accepted into competition for the 1997 Academy Award. Before joining DreamWorks, he worked at Toronto-based Nelvana as an animator and storyboard artist. At DreamWorks, he worked as a story artist on Chicken RunShrek and Over the Hedge, and as a head of story on Shark Tale. In 2009, he directed and wrote his first film, a TV Christmas special, Merry Madagascar, followed by a 2013 TV Valentine's Day special, Madly Madagascar, also written and directed by Soren.

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