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Thats a YP, not a MP!
  —Dr. Dinkle [src]  

Dr. Dilbert Dinkle is a main antagonist in the Super Diaper Baby series. He first appeared in Super Diaper Baby 2: The Invasion of the Potty Snatchers. He is an evil scientist who creates marvelous inventions and has an assistant (very similar to Professor Poopypants) who eventually betrays him after he becomes greedy with money.

Super Diaper Baby 2: The Invasion of the Potty Snatchers[]

Dr. Dilbert Dinkle first appears in Super Diaper Baby 2: The Invasion of the Potty Snatchers. He and his sidekick, a talking tabby cat named Petey, are seen sneaking an invention to Jim's Bank. Dr. Dinkle starts explaining to Petey that his new device can turn any solid material into water by rearranging molecules, when he interrupts his master to tell him that he has bad breath. Dr. Dinkle ignores his remark and shoots the wall of the bank, turning it into liquid water. Petey, however, gets bored and hides behind a bush, so Dilbert gives him the job as the lookout. While Dr. Dinkle is measuring the vault before he can use the invention to turn the vault into water, Petey accidentally sets off the lever of the invention at Dr. Dinkle and Dr. Dinkle is turned into water. Dr. Dinkle berates Petey for his clumsiness and Petey accidentally breaks the invention, meaning that Dr. Dinkle is now permanently made out of water, but Dr. Dinkle actually likes being made out of water when he is able to steal the money by turning into a puddle. He also refuses to pay the water bill, since he is now made of water. Sometime later, Petey complains that their water supply is turned off and he is thirsty. Dr. Dinkle doesn't care and goes to sleep in his puddle form, so Petey manages to get revenge on Dr. Dinkle by drinking him and when Dr. Dinkle wants to get out of Petey's body, Petey heads to his liter box and Dr. Dinkle becomes shocked and horrified that he has been turned into pee.

Dinkle tries to spend all the money he stole, but nobody will accept it because he stunk it up with his pee hands. Embittered, Dinkle decides to get revenge by creating stealing every single toilet in town and making people wet themselves. When Petey asks him what he plans on doing next, Dinkle has no idea, since he didn't plan on anything else. Petey gets the idea to sell adult diapers to the citizens and his scheme is a success, although Dinkle tries to take credit for it. Fed up with Dinkle's abuse, Petey uses a giant roll of toilet paper to absorb him and get revenge. When Dinkle is reduced to a single drop of urine, Petey tosses him away and into a pool filled with urine from the toilet-deprived citizens, causing Dinkle to increase in size. Luckily Billy Hoskins and Diaper Dog managed to defeat him by pushing Earth away from the sun causing him to freeze up. His body was later used by the two to help cheer Bill Hoskins up before leaving him on Uranus alongside Deputy Doo Doo.


He is cruel, selfish, irresponsible and thieving. Petey, was his henchmen until he refused to thank him for helping him. Resulting him being betrayed by his former henchman.


  • The evil doctor's ingenious plan was based off of Dav's old comic: Water Man.
  • He had a different design in the old cover.
  • Dav was originally going to name Dr. Dilbert Dinkle, Pee Pee Long-Stockings.