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Dog Man: Lord of the Fleas is the fifth book of the Dog Man series.


Chapter 1: A Visit from Kitty Protective Services[]

It starts one morning at Dog Man’s House, when Li’L Petey and 80-Hd are working on the Dogmoblie and the roof ramp that opens from the Dog Man House by clapping. After Dog Man gets breakfast out and into the Grand Ballroom, Li'L Petey have transformed the room into a special clubhouse, based around a group called the Supa Buddies. After showing the Flip'O'Rama Mask for 80-HD, they have breakfast. Suddenly though, the doorbell rung and a what to be assumed social worker from the "Kitty Protective Service," shows up ranting about Li'L Petey not going to school. Dog Man and 80-HD have to let Petey go with the social worker, who turns out to be Petey wearing a disguise. He then goes to a bench with Li'L Petey to talk about a story he has had, leading off to the next chapter.

Chapter 2: Petey's Story[]

(With Many Interruptions)

Petey tells his son that when he was little, he used to be in critter scouts, he had many merit badges, and how one day, Petey, Bub, Crunky, and Piggy, were playing mini golf and Piggy dropped his glasses. When the guard came, the young FLEAS blamed Petey, and Petey got kicked out of the club, erasing his good deeds. Within a week, Critter scouts was shut down. During the story, Li'l Petey interrupts many times.

Chapter 3: Something Dumb Happens![]

At the police station, Chief gets a phone call from the Cat Jail saying there's been a jail escape, as Chief asks where, then the phone says it's at the jail, (cause Chief has a problem with forgetting stuff), Chief then says oh as he says he'll put his best man on it as he hangs up and calls Dog Man. Then Milly tells him that Dog Man is late for work again. An angry Chief calls Dog Man and tells him to meet up at cat jail in ten minutes and not to get distracted while he's at it. Dog Man then runs to the jail, when a squirrel runs next to him and, as usual, Dog Man gets distracted and runs after the squirrel, as the squirrel runs up the tree, Dog Man runs to it and starts barking at it.

When the cops reach the Cat Jail, they see that there is a Giant Robo-Brontosaurus is at the parking lot, and Dog Man is still distracted by squirrels, so they decide to go in without him.

Ten minutes later, Sarah Hatoff arrives at the scene where the three animal crooks (megalomaniacs) have been beat. Chief and Milly explain that they attacked them first. Then they ran to the jail library and fought back using the power of books. Chief, still wondering why Dog Man is still distracted, decides to call him to tell him to meet at the jail.

Once he gets there, he excitedly jumps on Chief, who is fed up with this antic, while Milly points out that the animals are running away in their Robo-Brontosaurus. Angered, Chief scolds to Dog Man that he made the bad guys get away and forces him to go home. Dog Man, depressed, leaves to his doghouse, while Chief, Milly, and Sarah follow the animals.

Chapter 4: Revenge of the FLEAS![]

Meanwhile, LP tells Petey another knock-knock joke. Petey still doesn't think his joke is funny. Suddenly the Giant Robo-Brontosaurus appears behind them, frightening Petey. Sarah arrives at the scene to interview the driver, Piggy, Crunky, and Bub. Piggy explains that he is the leader of the Fleas - which stands for Fuzzy Little Evil Animal Squad. Crunky and Bub don't think their team name makes sense, since Bub is not fuzzy and Crunky is not little. Bub wants to think of a better team name, but Piggy says it's too late and shows that he has already ordered coffee mugs and mouse pads with "FLEAS" written on them.

Milly and Chief then attack the Fleas, but the Robo-Brontosaurus's tail picks up Chief, Milly, Sarah, and her pet poodle Zuzu. The Fleas then try to attack Petey and his son next, but they have escaped underground.

In the sewer, LP tells Petey another knock-knock joke, which Petey, miffed, still doesn't think it's funny and explains that knock-knock jokes are supposed to go that way. They have made it to the Cat Jail, where they climb aboard a giant robotic version of Petey and escape out of the town. Before they leave, Petey tells him, "Ya gotta avoid repetition… shun redundancy… eschew reiteration… resist recapitulation… and also, stop telling the same joke over and over."

Chapter 5: A Buncha Stuff That Happened Next[]

Dog Man is still unhappy about what happened from Chapter 3. When he came to his doghouse, he notices Chief, Milly, Sarah, and Zuzu on the TV news. Dog Man and 80-HD go into their superhero alter-egos and run off to save them.

Meanwhile, Petey and Lil Petey are still on their escape from town, but LP wants to save Chief, Milly, Sarah, and Zuzu, but Petey says that the only thing they have is an old shrink ray, which only has two shots left, and besides, he can't go out looking like a hero. LP tells Petey that he should switch expectations, causing Petey to decide to save his friends, but only if LP should stop calling him "papa".

Mega Robot Petey sneaks up behind the Fleas, as Petey tells LP the plan: LP should stay there while Petey sneaks out here so he can shrink the Fleas, without hitting LP's friends. Petey carefully aims the shrink ray at the Fleas, but then LP sneaks up behind him and shouts "Hey, Petey!", causing him to accidentally drop the ray on the ground. The Fleas suddenly notice the two cats. They are about to zap them with their killer death ray, but it instead destroys Mega Robot Petey's exoskeleton.

Petey and Lil Petey dash to the top of Robot Petey's Head, but they slip and fall. Just before they hit the ground, Bark Knight and Lightning Dude save them. Luckily, 80-HD brings Lil Petey his superhero costume.

Chapter 6: Supa Buddies[]

The Supa Buddies are practicing their superhero poses. Petey notices that the Fleas are behind them. Cat Kid steps up to tell them a knock-knock joke, which Petey, Piggy, and Robo Brontosaurus don't find funny, but it makes LP, Bub, Crunky, Dog Man, 80-HD, Chief, Milly, Sarah, and Zuzu laugh hysterically.

Piggy then decides to tell them a "funny" story: "Once there were three evil villains who build a Giant Robo Brontosaurus that had a killer death ray." The Robo Brontosaurus zaps its death ray at a building, which crashes onto them. "You were right," laughs Cat Kid. "That WAS a funny story!" Now comes the chance to save Chief, Milly, Sarah, and Zuzu. Cat Kid flies up to them and cuts their shirts and the Bark Knight catches them with the Dogmobile's giant baseball glove. Unfortunately, the Dogmobile is about to crash into a factory, so Dog Man steps on the brake too hard, it sends Chief, Milly, Sarah, and Zuzu flying off the glove, about to smash into the factory.

Chief then decides that rather than crying "'cause they're gonna die" they should laugh "'cause they gotta live". Fortunately, the factory happens to be a Giant Marshmallow Factory, and the four friends land to safety on giant marshmallows. Unfortunately, the Robo Brontosaurus returns from under the fallen building. Piggy is about to zap them with the robo-dino's death ray, but Mega Robot Petey grabs it by the tail, and the two robots break into battle.

Chapter 7: The Darkness[]

Two hours later, Piggy stops the battle and marches over the Petey. Piggy claims he wants to be Petey's sidekick. Meanwhile, as the good guys are watching, Lil Petey suddenly notices a firefly. Crunky and Bub notice that Lil Petey has caught a firefly and asks them if they want to join in the fun. Crunky and Bub agree and they all go out to catch some fireflies.

Meanwhile, Piggy tells Petey to get ready for a BIG change. He picks up a wrench and smashed it onto the Robo Brontosaurus's tail, breaking it in half and sending Mega Robot Petey flying and crash-landing into a building. Suddenly, Piggy notices that Crunky and Bub are not in the Brontosaurus. As Piggy goes out to look for them, he sees that Crunky and Bub have been catching fireflies with Lil Petey. Piggy angrily leads them back to the Robo Brontosaurus, but Lil Petey decides to be the boss of the Fleas. Piggy yells to him that he's just a kid, but Cat Kid doesn't care.

Meanwhile, the good guys save Petey from the building. When he asks where Lil Petey went, the Robo Brontosaurus returns with LP and the Fleas. The Bark Knight barks at them, but the Robo Brontosaurus picks him up and tosses him up in the air. Lil Petey and 80-HD go out to save him, but the Bark Knight has crashed into the Cannery Grow store, which making an unconscious Dog Man ginormous. LP is unable to wake up the Bark Knight when the Fleas return. Piggy asks Cat Kid if he has any last words. LP says he'll tell the Fleas one last word in just one minute.

Cat Kid, accompanied by Lightning Dude, flies off to Mr. Squirty's Spray Paint Factory and borrows some brown paint. He sprays it on the Robo-Brontosaurus, making it all brown, and takes out a black crayon and draws a face on the broken tail. Cat Kid takes a deep breath and screams...


The Bark Knight is jolted awake and attacks the "squirrel". Meanwhile, Petey, Chief, Milly, Sarah, and Zuzu rush to see the Giant Dog Man with the giant squirrel. The Bark Knight gives Petey a great big slobbery kiss.

Chapter 8: My Dog Man Has FLEAS![]

Petey finds the shrink ray he dropped back in Chapter 5 and wonders if it still works. He zaps the Bark Knight with it, shrinking him back to regular size. Everyone cheers for Petey. Then Chief demands Dog Man to give him the "squirrel". Dog Man refuses, so Chief grabs it and has a tug-of-war with it. When they break apart, Chief is about to arrest the Fleas, but he sees that they're gone and blames Dog Man for letting them get away again.

However, nobody really knows where the Fleas have gone, and Dog Man ends up itching, while Chief takes Petey back to Cat Jail, despite the fact the Petey was good for the whole book. LP decides to go with them. He says good night to Dog Man, 80-HD, Milly, Sarah, and Zuzu, before he catches up with Petey. LP discovers that Petey is mad, because his life is pointless. LP explains that no matter if he's good or not, he's still Petey. This causes Chief to burst into tears just before they reach the Cat Jail.

The jail guard is overjoyed to see Petey return. Petey asks LP is he wants some gelato after he escapes tomorrow. LP accepts, even though he doesn't know what gelato is. The two cats then hug before they depart. On the way back to Dog Man's house, LP asks Chief what gelato is. Chief says that gelato is like ice cream.

Read To Your Cat, Kid![]

The next day, Petey calls Li'l Petey, who tells Petey that he is reading to Dog Man. He then tells Petey the benefits of reading to a dog, which Petey contradicts by telling Li'l Petey the benefits of reading to cats. A convinced Li'l Petey hangs up the phone (much to Petey's annoyance), and two hours later, Li'l Petey and Dog Man arrive at Cat Jail to read a book to Petey, who is flattered until he finds out that the book is a collection of Li'l Petey's "poop" knock-knock jokes (which was a running gag in the main plot of the book). Petey screams in annoyance, and the comic ends.


  • It's name is a reference to the book Lord of the Flies.
  • Piggy is based on another Piggy in Lord of the Flies. The Piggy in Lord of the Fleas is a Megalomaniac (possibly an Undertale reference), though.
  • One of the Dogmobile's buttons say, "Weird Al Music", a nod to the Weird Al Yankovic, since he created the theme song for the Captain Underpants movie.
  • Running Gags: Li'l Petey's poop jokes and him annoying Piggy and Petey.
  • This is the first time Petey is a good guy.
  • this is the third book to have a bonus mini-comic. the first is Dog Man: Unleashed, and the second is Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties.
    • However, this is the second reading mini-comic. the first is Read to your Dog, Man! in book 3.


  • When Li'l Petey is lying on the bench, laughing, the bottom of the bench is not present.
    • Also a lot of the times in Chapter 2, the bench is absent.
  • In an overhead shot of when Petey is gonna shrink the F.L.E.A.S., a building is on the road.
    • Also, the road looks a lot bigger than it should.


Can Dog Man and Li'l Petey stop the evil plans of the FLEAS? Find out in Dog Man 5. You'll howl with laughter.

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