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Dog Man & The Wrath of Petey is the second Dog Man graphic ''novella'' comic book made by George and Harold in Kindergarten. It appeared in the full color version of Captain Underpants and the Invasion of the Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies from Outer Space (and the Subsequent Assault of the Equally Evil Lunchroom Zombie Nerds) and later on in Dog Man: Unleashed.


Dog Man was the best cop of the world, but he only had one weakness. He eats out of the garbage cans, rolls in the dead fish and sniffs the other dogs. The cops (even the Chief) decided to give him a bath, but Dog Man refuses, causing him to run away, because he doesn't like baths. The cops searched all around the city looking for Dog Man, but they couldn't find him anywhere. Soon, Petey read the newspaper and was happy to see Dog Man's fear of baths in the headlines, so he decided that he should escape. He puts the newspaper in the toilet and he clogged the toilet by flushing the chain. The water from the toilet began going higher and higher and Petey escaped cat jail to his crime spree by robbing banks, stealing jewels and hi-jacking cars. But the cops could never catch them, they wish Dog Man would return. Meanwhile, Dog Man was hiding in an alley, eating out of a garbage can, and saw a newspaper. He felt ashamed, but he knew he must be brave and returned to stop Petey. He searched for him, picked up a trail, led straight to his house, but it was a trap. Petey sprayed water and Dog Man got scared, he ran away from Petey by digging a hole to the zoo. Dog Man came up in a cage where the skunks live and the skunks sprayed on Dog Man. Dog Man doesn't like too much stinky stuff. Petey ran out of the hole and he gets caught by a net. Cheif said to Petey that he should go back to cat jail. While the cops washed Dog Man, Petey went back to cat jail. Dog Man was so clean, but then he rolled on the dead fish again.