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Dr. Disgruntled is a character that appears in the Captain Underpants comics. He hates Captain Underpants and even tries to vacuum him up! However, he doesn't exist in George and Harold's reality. As stated in "The Confusing Crisis of the Conniving Captive," he is Captain Underpants's archenemy.


Dr.Disgruntled is a pale man with no hair. He as a white lab coat and a white shirt. He has yellow eyes, circular nose, small ears and can apparently grow teeth.


The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants[]

In the Taxing Trauma of the Treacherous Tattle Trials, in a a comic book by George and Harold, Captain Underpants rushes to the record store to buy a record from Punt Force Mama. A random man gives the Waistband Warrior free tickets to a Punt Force Mama concert and of course, he accepts. He goes to the Not a trap dome which was actually a trap! The random guy turns out to be Dr. Disgruntle! He built the doom dome for Captain Underpants to dodge all the traps. He said he likes drama and grabs the lead singer of Punt Force Mama and ran off! The waistband warrior chased him but had to dodge a bunch of traps like Meanus Guy traps, the spring on you foot trap, the stupifying stairs of stink, Fingers the petty thief panther and darts that use band merchandise as bait! Dr Disgruntle got mad and told Captain Underpants how to finish so he did. Dr. Disgruntle felt like he should've made it harder. Then he released The Punt Force Mama singer.

In Captain Underpants and the Senseless Torment of the Space Toilet, Dr. Disgruntled was tired of losing to Captain Underpants so he bought a space apartment and moved in next to Mr. Bowlowski. But when Captain Underpant's space training goes wrong he gets out his Vacuum Vacuum which is a vacuum that vacuums vacuums. He turned it on and tried to suck up the captain but he couldn't fit because he ate too many space donuts. Dr Disruntled then gets evicted into space.

In Captain Underpants and the Confusing Crisis of the Conniving Captive, Dr Disgruntled texted Captain Underpants saying that he was captured by an alien race known as the Humongoids because the captain is his emergency contact. He got the help of The M.I.S.F.A.R.T.S Captain Underpants sneaked into the Humongoid's lair and found Dr. Disgruntled! They accidentally got into a Humongoids wedding and the M.I.S.F.A.R.T.S had a big fight and they escaped with the Doctor.