Dressy Killman is a supporting character from The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants.


Dressy has curly orange hair and freckles. Her outfit usually consists of a gray dress, jewelry and some sort of vest.


In "The Confounding Concoction of the Crooked Combotato" she gets to tell the second story. She starts by asking George and Harold several times if she can go anything in her story. Her story features Captain Underpants and Combotato and swept away by a magic chariot into the clouds and offered a chance to reach paradise if they can work together. They are told to hold an egg between them and avoid crocobats and hawks carrying sharks. The two quickly fail however the being that brought them reveals that it doesn't matter because they failed together. Her story ends here. It is notable that her story enforces the episode's theme of teamwork.


Dressy is a very calm and mellow girl who loves nothing more than twirling and singing her way through the day. Ironically, despite hating pranks and mischief, she is good friends with George and Harold, possibly because she knows they are really good kids at heart. She appears to be best friends with Erica.


  • She appears in all episodes except for the ninth episode in Season 2, being replaced by Kessy.
  • She is the third child to be turned into a monster, the first being Jessica Gordon, the other being Bo Hweemuth
  • She shares her voice actress with Jessica Gordon.
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