Edith (not to be confused with Miss Anthrope) is a character in Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. She is the minor female character only in the film.

She was voiced by Kristen Schaal.

Depiction in the Film

Edith is the shy lunch lady with a secret crush on Principal Benjamin Krupp. When Edith brings Krupp a tuna casserole (that took a whole week to make), with his name on it, Krupp is flustered and stutters out that he has a school that needs running before hurrying back into his office. Edith, disappointed, walks away with her casserole and Krupp comes back out, running after her for the casserole after apparently realizing he forgot it. 

She later asks if Krupp liked her casserole; unknown to her, Mr. Krupp was hypnotized with the 3-D Hypno Ring into the comic book superhero, Captain Underpants. While he does tell her he didn't remember eating the casserole, he also compliments her about her blue eyes, which makes Edith blush. 

Later, she's seen throwing leftovers into a toxic metallic barrel, which Professor Poopypants and Melvin Sneedly use to fuel the Turbo Toilet 2000 (and also is what gives Captain Underpants real superpowers). 

At the end, thanks to George and Harold's prank for good, she ends up going on a date with Krupp. Unfortunately, the Talking Toilets attack the restaurant they are dining at. Mr. Krupp snaps his fingers, accidentally becoming Captain Underpants and making Edith admire him even more as he rushes off to save the day.


  • It was stated in the artbook that Edith was originally going to be just a nuisance that would randomly show up around Krupp. This was later changed and instead she was made to be Krupp's love interest.
  • In the books, even though Edith was never made by Dav himself and was created only for the movie, Dav (thanks to a fan who suggested the idea to him) made her birthday on Valentine's Day.
  • She does not appear in the Netflix's animated series, probably due to the series is more based on novels than on film.


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