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The best school, for the best minds, who may or may not become evil villains.
  —Dr. Chalice Aristocrab  

Eliteinati Academy is a school mentioned only in The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants. It is Melvin Sneedly's dream school and appears to teach college-level subjects to students who are exceptionally smart. The dean of the school is Dr. Chalice Aristocrab.


The Squishy Predicament of Stanley Peet's Stinky Pits[]

Eliteinati Academy is first introduced in this episode, where it is revealed that admission requires top-notch grades, college-level after-school work, and first prize in an avocado growing competition.

The Costly Conundrum of the Calamitous Claylossus[]

In this episode, Melvin is doing things for Mr. Krupp such as scaring children in order for Mr. Krupp to write him a recommendation letter to Eliteinati.

The Jarring Jerkiness of Judge J.O.R.T.S.[]

It is revealed in this episode that you also need to be fluent in six different languages for admission.

The Troublesome Treachery of the Thieving Toot Fairy[]

Eliteinati Academy is a driving goal for Melvin in this episode, as he is told by Dr. Vil Endenemys that in order to get into Eliteinati, he needs to help George Beard and Harold Hutchins.