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There are multiple endings in The Interactive Insanity of the Irritating Interlopers.


Time Travel Ending: George and Harold time travel back in time and see Mr. Cleveland as a child. He says to not destroy the swing, and George and Harold tell him to become a kung-fu movie star years later. Cleveland says he'll owe them. It ends with Cleveland saving the day. So far, this is the only ending where Mr. Cleveland does not reveal he's Viper Chai. George and Harold need to time travel to make him Viper Chai.

Treehouse Mech Ending: George and Harold shoot the Rejuvigator 2000 at the treehouse, turn it into a treehouse mech, and use it to defeat Melvin's Kungstruction Fu Kolassas. Mr. Krupp tries to shoot again, but Viper Chai saves the day.

Build Something Ending: George and Harold shoot the Rejuvigator 2000 at a bunch of items to make a TP 2.0. They have ten toliet papers and test it by shooting one toliet paper. They battle Melvin's Kungstruction Fu Kolassas but only shoot eight rolls, as Cap stole the ninth one to clean himself after defecating in the forest. This causes Kungstruction Fu Kolassas to successfully destroy the treehouse. Not only is this the only bad ending in special, but it is also the only ending to not feature Viper Chai/Mr. Cleveland.

Million Dollar Ending: George and Harold bring the million dollars that Captain Underpants won in a golf game to Mr. Cleveland's house, but the price is a million and one. Captain Underpants grabs a dollar from his underwear, and Mr. Cleveland reveals he is Viper Chai. George, Harold, and Captain Underpants then appear in Viper Chai's new movie: The Last Flush.

Viper Chai Ending: When George and Harold get Mr. Cleveland, it turns out he is Viper Chai. He defeats Kungstruction Fu Kolassas, but it falls onto the treehouse. Fortunately, George and Harold realize that their imagination wasn't in the treehouse but inside them after making a mini comic of their horrible future without their club, and Viper Chai buys them a new treehouse.

True Love Ending: If you choose to get Mr. Cleveland a true love, George and Harold get him Ms. Anthrope. Mr. Cleveland asks if she is his true love, and Ms. Anthrope says yes. They get married and the episode ends - except it doesn't because George and Harold think the episode ended too soon and want a do-over, so they rewind all back to the choice for the viewer to make Mr. Cleveland laugh instead.