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Captain Underpants: The Extra-Cheesy CD o' Fun is an album that was included with the deluxe edition of the third book. It was released in September 2008. It is the third Captain Underpants-themed album, and the second album to have been produced by Koji Matsumoto.


The album, like The Super Silly CD o' Fun, was written by Japanese singer-songwriter Koji Matsumoto.[1] It focuses on various things from the books, such as George and Harold's friendship or the villains they fight. It also includes the song "Happy Birthday Connor," a birthday song written for Dav Pilkey's nephew Connor Mancini. The album has 10 songs, plus a bonus Japanese version of "Donut Hole."

Track listing[]

Track no. Title Length
1. "The Flip-O-Rama Song" 2:10
2. "Funny Things" 2:36
3. "That Ain't True" 3:17
4. "Donut Hole" 1:52
5. "Finger Snapping" 2:38
6. "Good Friends" 2:50
7. "Just Wear Underwear" 1:55
8. "Being a Little Different" 2:52
9. "Happy Birthday Connor" 2:25
10. "Tra-La-Laaaaa!" 3:18
11. "Donut Hole (Japanese)" (Bonus Track) 1:50

Total length: 27:48


  • The album is very hard to find due to how old and obscure it is, and many of the songs were not posted on Pilkey's website or YouTube. Although the full album was posted by a user to YouTube.