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The Flexo-Growmonic Endoskeleton is an endoskeleton that was going to be the newest and most powerful robot ever, but was all covered in Boogers when the Combine-O-Tron 2000 when it combined Melvin & the Flexo-Growmonic Endoskeleton together.

This was the Endoskeleton used for The Bionic Booger Boy and later for the Ridiculous Robo Boogers after it split into three parts. Whatever remained of the Endoskeleton was destroy when the Robot Boogers were destroyed as well.


Judging in the book, it has three sets of interchargable laser eyeballs, Macro-Hydraulic Jump-A-Tronic legs, Super-Somgobulgating Automo-Arms, and an extendable Octo-Claw rib cage, and is powered by three separate Twin Turbo-9000 SP5 Kung-Fu Titanium/Lithiun Alloy Procressors, which were all built into the robot. According to the book, the endoskeleton can also slice bagels.