Gluk Jones was a kung fu master, husband to Gak Shadowski and best friend to Ook Shadowski. As a kid, Ook and Gluk often went on adventures, but one of them ended up crashing the wedding between Gak and their Chief Goppernopper, who subsequently quit from embarrassment. After witnessing Goppernopper return with a Mechasaur, he escaped slavery and tortue by running away from the Goppernopper Tower with Ook, followed by their friend dinosaur Lily. He was rescued and trained trained by the martial artist master Wong from the 28th century in Master Wong's School of Kung Fu along with Ook and Lily.


Crashing the Wedding

One day, Goppernopper planned to throw them in his dungeon,but fell in love with Gak Shadowski. He planned to marry her, but Gak refused. Ook and Gluk promised to save Gak. At the wedding, the priest asked Gak if she refused to marry Chief Goppernopper. Meanwhile, the boys planned how to wreck the wedding. Gluk planned to throw spiny rocks at Goppernopper, but instead, it was the teeth of Mok-Mok. They lured him into quicksand,and made a gorilla knock down a tree. When the boys rescued Mok-Mok, they found out Mok-Mok was only trying to protect his baby, Lily, and became friends. Then he told Mok-Mok to wreck the wedding and rescue Gak. Mok-Mok bit Chief Goppernopper in the butt several times.


Goppernopper CP traveled through time to take resources from Cave Land. The Goppernoppers found each other and became partners. Ook and Gluk was taken to Goppernopper tower to be tortured, but escaped with Lily, Mog-Mog's daughter.


He hid with Ook in a trash bin thingy. Master Chen Wong found the boys and taught them Kung Fu and hid them for seven years. Lan Wong, the Master's daughter soon started to love Gluk more. However, the two was not happy with white belts and Master Wong promised to give them black belts if they answered a question correctly. After the years of teaching, the men was ready to save Cave Land.


The men went to Goppernopper tower to stop the Goppernoppers from taking over Cave Land. First, the Goppernoppers released the killer bots. The bots defeated the cavemen and caught them. The cavemen told her, but Lily tried to spin, and vomited on the floor. This makes the killer bots slip and break. The future goppernopper comes out to get Lily. Goppernopper grabs Lily, but she vomited in Goppernopper's mouth, making Goppernopper stay where he is. Some mecha reptiles attack the three after destroying Goppernopper tower. They trick the reptiles with paper bags and spray paint to destroy the Company and explode. The gang and the Wongs are captured, but the goppernoppers argue and the chief dies. Goppernopper and everything never actually existed because the grandpa died. The cavemen go back to Cave Land with Lan.

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