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Goppernopper's Guards are the sentries of Goppernopper.


The Adventures of Ook and Gluk: Kung-Fu Cavemen From the Future[]

One day Chief Goppernopper finds his throne defiled and takes this as the final straw. He and his guards go to their houses and sentences both of them to be arrested. Ook's sister Gak pleas to have mercy on them. Unfortunately, Goppernopper falls in love with her and forces her to marry him against her will, threatening to send Ook and Gluk into the slammers if she doesn't comply.

Ook and Gluk try to think of a solution, but while walking through the forest, they find Mog-Mog. Eventually they are able to make Mog-Mog fall into quicksand. At first they are happy with this, but their mood changes once they see a baby dinosaur who looks like Mog-Mog. They realize Mog-Mog was not bad at all; she just wanted to protect her baby. They try to get her out with a vine, but it doesn't work. They then go to a gorilla village and provoke one of the gorillas. The gorilla chases them until it knocks a tree down and grabs ahold of the boys. The knocked down tree gets Mog Mog out of the quicksand and she gets the gorilla's attention. This forces it to let the duo go and be nice to them before Mog Mog's roar scares it off. The duo along their with new friends go to stop the wedding before it's too late.

Elsewhere, the ceremony is underway and it appears to be going in Goppernopper's favor until Ook and Gluk arrive to object. Mog-Mog’s baby then goes and bites Goppernopper on the butt a few times until he yells out that he quits being their chief. He then takes his guards with him, vowing revenge on Ook and Gluk one day and says the same goes for Gak too.

After Ook, Gulk, and their little dinosaur pal chase Chief Goppernopper and his guards away from the village, Chief Goppernopper stumbles upon workers from the future and his great great grandson. J.P. Goppernopper reveals that by the year 2222, all of Earth's natural resources have been used up. He and his workers have been stealing stuff from the caveman days with a time portal to substitute for the missing oil and trees as well as the polluted water and sell the stolen stuff for profit. Chief Goppernopper notes that he likes the reckless and irresponsible things that his descendant has done. JP asks Chief Goppernopper if he would like to work for him and Chief accepts. Chief asks if he would like some slaves as he knows where a whole village of cavepeople live and JP liking the idea agrees.

Back in Caveland, Ook, Gluk, Mog-Mog and her baby are enjoying life without Chief Goppernopper around. They soon hear something approaching the village. Chief appears and declares the village the official property of Goppernopper Enterprises and the villagers are now the slaves of the enterprise. Chief then declares to the villagers to say goodbye to Mog Mog. The robo-dinosaur that Chief was riding on then beats up Mog Mog until she is knocked out. The cavepeople are then taken away to be Goppernopper Enterprises' slaves.

Ook and Gluk note that they both hate working. Chief then tells JP that Ook and Gluk are the kids he told them about. JP decides he has an idea for them. He then takes away the duo to his time. The baby dinosaur frees herself and follows JP, Chief and Ook and Gluk to JP's time.

JP, Chief, and Chief's guards have strapped Ook and Gluk onto a torture device. Before they can activate it, Mog-Mog's baby bites the guards' toes as well as Chief's toes, allowing her to free Ook and Gluk and allowing all three to escape. the guards go after our heroes.

Eventually the trio hides in a garbage dumpster. The guards ask a man named Master Wong if he saw two cowardly kids and a dinosaur run by. Master Wong states that is not cowardice, but a love of life. The guards don't understand this, so Wong falsely tells the guards the kids and the little dinosaur went somewhere else.

Later in the book, Ook, Gluk, and Lily enter Goppernopper Enterprise, defeat Chief Goppernopper's guards, and break in.

Afterwards, the guards are never seen again and are either presumed dead or likely stuck in the future after the Goppernoppers were erased from existence.