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I'm Greego. I'm the kid on the left with the tie and the flat-top.
  —Greego [src]  

Greego is a blue-skinned doppelgänger of George Beard. Along with Dohlar, he has the ability to turn into a shark when angered. He only appears in "The Disturbing Dilemma of the Dysfunctional Doppelgangers."


The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants in Space![]

George, Krupp, and Harold explore Utopiqua on their own after Moxie and her Utopiqua counterpart Xeimo leave them to get resources to fix their spaceship. The Utopiqua version of Erica, Arice, comes and informs the two boys about Utopiqua having kids in charge. The boys scream "YES!" while Mr. Krupp screams "NOOOOOOOOO!". After arriving at the Utopiqua school, they find their counterparts: Greego and Dohlar.


  • Greego's name is an anagram and a sign-scrambled version of George's.
  • He could possibly be a reference to Evil George Beard.
  • He is formerly friends with George and Harold.