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I'm The Captain is a song from "The Hazardous Hysteria of the Hangry Hypnosinger". Mr. Krupp sings the song when he sets his cryo-chamber to three hours instead of three months, since he wants to be the captain of the ship instead of Moxie Swaggerman. He wants to be captain so people would buy him steak dinners when Melvin is rescued under his captainage. He sings while crashing the ship leading to after the episode they land in a blue version of Piqua!


[Mr. Krupp]

Ha ha!

Cause I'm the captain!

(spoken) Ah! My legs are still frozen!


Cause I'm the captain!

I can do a little dance, and enjoy a new romance!

From ear to ear, I've got a grin cause, I am the captain!

I can eat ten hoagies (yum!) and spill plutonium!

(spoken) Hmm, someone should clean that up.

But not me.

Cause I'm the captain!

Yeah, I'm the captain!

Moxie's uniforms are mine, though they're tight in the behind!

Here to win, not make new friends cause I am the captain!

There's no doubt I'm better than captain Moxie Swaggerman!

I'm the best that's ever been, cause I am the captain!


(spoken) Cause I'm the captain!


(Grunts) Ow!

Get in there! (Grunts)

Stop it! (Grunts)

Ah! (Grunts)

I'm still hungry.

Cause I am the captain!