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Ivana Goda de' Bafroom

A bust of her.

Ivana Goda De' Bafroom is a female scientist from New Swissland.


By the look of her statue, Ivana is a short, plump woman. She has short, curly hair with a bow in it. Ivana also has some diamond-shaped earrings. Her glasses are shaped like Ms. Ribble's, the only difference being its circle-shaped lenses.


Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants[]

Ivana Goda De' Bafroom originated from New Swissland. She, like the rest of the New Swissland citizens, has a silly name.

She never actually appears in any of the books, only her statue appears in the New Swissland Hall of Fame.


  • Her name sounds like the phrase "I wanna go to the bathroom".
  • Her glasses are similar to Ms. Ribble's.