Jerome Horwitz Elementary School is the school George and Harold attend. It is located in Piqua, Ohio. Children K-6 can attend there.


Mr. Benjamin Krupp Principal in season 1, Vice Principal in season 2 "bankrupt"
Miss Edith Anthrope Secretary "eat it and throw up/misanthrope"
Ms. Tara Ribble Teacher "terrible"/"miserable"
Mr. Rected Guidance Counsellor "misdirected"
Miss Singerbrains Librarian (formerly) "missing her brains"
Ms. Guided Teacher "misguided"
Mr. Kenny B. Meaner Gym Teacher "can he be meaner/misdemeanor"
Miss Fitt Teacher "misfit"
Miss Dayken Teacher "mistaken"
Mr. Rustworthy Music teacher "mistrustworthy"
Mr. Morty Fyde Science Teacher (formerly) "mystified/mortified"
Miss Labler Psychologist "mislabel"
Ms Zurry Teacher "misery"
Miss Anita Calculator Math Teacher I need a calculator
Miss Creant (former) Head Lunch Lady "miscreant"
Mrs. DePoint (former) Cook "misses the point"
Professor Pee-Pee Diarrheastein Poopypants, Esq. Former Science teacher
Ms. Chivess Fifth Grade Teacher "mischievous"
Lunch Lady
Ms. Hurd, Music Teacher "misheard"
Miss Take Kindergarten teacher "Mistake"
Ms. Yewh French Teacher "Miss you"
Mr. Roids Former Gym Teacher "Missed the roids"
Senor Citizen Spanish Teacher Senior citizen
Theodore Murdsley Former principle
Ms. Align First Grade Teacher "misalign"
Ms. KnowItAll Teacher miss know it all
Grace Wain Superintendent
Melvinborg New Principal
Mr. Ree janitor/ T.E.R.D.S "mystery"
  • shown in movie only
    • not to be mistaken with Miss Anthrope, who goes by the same first name.

List of known students

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  • The school shares its' name with the late comedian Jerome Horwitz, best known for being a member of the comedy act The Three Stooges under the stage name Curly Howard.
  • In the book 'Dog Man', there is a letter to George & Harold's parents. Under the school logo though, is the school's slogan; We put the ow in knowledge.