Jerry Citizen is a now retired spanish teacher who temporarily taught at Jerome Horwitz Elementary, though had a much different personality than the typical teacher there. Instead of being a child-hating, despicable person like the rest of them, he's a clumsy, awkward guy you just can't help but feel bad for. He appears in the episode Captain Underpants and the Jarring Jerkiness of J.U.D.G.E Jorts.

His alter ego is Judge J.O.R.T.S, a character from a comic George & Harold made for him to cheer him up, which became a reality when Jerry found an alien robe while trying to find a radioactive animal to bite him to give him superpowers.


One of Jerry's most noticeable traits include his enthusiastic though sometimes dramatic reactions, hence leading to a common phrase he shouts: "WHY??"

When something doesn't go as planned for him, he tends to put himself down in a dramatic way. George & Harold had almost stopped feeling bad for him because of this, and straight out told him he wasn't cut out to be a superhero though there could be other opportunities for him if he kept looking, but immediately felt bad for him again as he burst out in tears upon hearing that statement.

First appearance

Thinking he's like the majority of the teachers, George & Harold set up a chain-reaction prank before he enters the room.

As Jerry enters the class, he introduces himself to the spanish class as Senor Citizen and mentions we wears shorts because he has a skin condition. He then unknowingly activates the prank by lifting his coffee mug, thus causing a fishing rod to snag his pants and suspending him from the ceiling. He begins to cry and confesses his name isn't actually Senor Citizen, but rather just plain Jerry Citizen, and cries about how he's a failure and doesn't amount to anything in life, and that Mr. Krupp only hired him because he'd literally hire anyone to do the job.

George & Harold's excitement immediately turns to a sense of guilt, and they apologize and offer to make up for the prank as they hadn't known he was a nicer person than other teachers. Jerry mentions he likes comic books, and the boys are immediately enlightened by that statement, and go right towards making their next comic, Captain Underpants and the Jaw-Dropping Justice of Judge J.O.R.T.S. Upon reading it, Jerry feels inspired for once in his life and sets off to become a superhero.


  • The name Jerry gives himself when introducing himself to the class is a pun on "Senior Citizen"
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