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Jessica's Posse is a group that is usually only for girls. It consists of Jessica Gordon and her Sophies, Sophie One and Other Sophie.


The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants[]

Jessica is the leader in her group. Sophie One and Other Sophie are her servants; they don't talk in her posse because Jessica puts out a rule to them that they're no longer allowed to talk. Jessica calls out for Sophie One first, telling her what she wants her to do, and she gets all the credit. Then, she calls out for Other Sophie second, sometimes with mistreatment or indifference, for whatever kind of arduous job she wants her to do.

Jessica makes fun of Other Sophie, sometimes for everything. She blames her and says whatever is her fault, even when she's not around. However, Other Sophie still tries hard respecting Jessica and somewhat loves being part of her posse.

Jessica also complains about Sophie One and Other Sophie disappearing, or about one of them disappearing. Whenever something bad happens, she would say that she doesn't have anymore Sophies; she'd be all out of Sophies if she's left alone in her posse.


  • Jessica Gordon (leader)
  • Sophie One
  • Other Sophie
  • Gooch (formerly)


  • Gooch has become part of Jessica's posse due to Sophie One and Other Sophie not being around in "The Abysmal Altercation of the Abominable Altitooth". He is called "Temporary Sophie" during the episode, and then "Permanent Sophie" at the end when Sophie One and Other Sophie return and he gets fired. Jessica has given him the rule not to talk even if he wants to, so no matter how unfair her rules are, he tries respecting them.
  • Other Sophie was not part of Jessica's posse for five Season 2 episodes since she was trapped in the jungle at that point. During that time, Jessica and the rest of Jerome Horwitz Elementary School mistook a tree sloth for her.