Oh my gar, I love you har!
  —Jessica Gordon  

Jessica Gordon is a popular girl of Jerome Horwitz Elementary School.


The Books

Jessica mainly serves as a minor background character and just has one or two lines per book.

The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants

Jessica has a much larger role in the show, where she often engages in her own girly affair but will often become involved in the wild antics of the show. She has her own girl posse called "The Sophies" that accompany her in almost every episode.

In "Captain Underpants and the Confounding Concoction of the Crooked Combotato" When they run from the initial rainstorm she tries using Other Sophie as an umbrella which fails. She tells the fourth story. In her story Combotato and Captain Underpants (or as she calls him "Captain Underwear" wind up at Popular High. She appears with her Sophies as the popular squad and reveals that Captain Underpants and Combotato can join them if they win a rap battle. They fail to win and thus get rejected. When the real combotato appears Jessica is disgusted to see her clone with har that has been ruined.


Jessica has mid-dark tan skin with darker blushes and red lipstick. She wears a pink dress with a light stripe in the middle and a lighter shirt under it. Her boots are the same color as her undershirt. She also has brown poofy hair with squiggly lighter lines for shines.


As the stereotypical, "mean girl" of the school, Jessica snarks at everyone she goes into, cares about her appearance more than anything, and has a large ego. She panics whenever her hair gets frizzy or out of hand and will do anything to keep its lust. Although Jessica is a fairly good friend to Sophie One, she often mistreats Other Sophie and makes her a doormat or scapegoat. She even stole Other Sophie's birthday presents while attending her birthday party. Despite being mean and vain most of the time, she can be fairly nice at times and will help out when needed.


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