Lake Summer Camp is a location mentioned in Season 2 and seen in Season 3. The place is actually Camp Lake Summer Camp and Lake Summer Camp Camp, by splitting the camp in two for many years until 2019; to make way for Mr. Krupp's private inflatable island called LeisureMyLand.

List of Attended Students

Leisure my land

  • Benjamin Krupp (formerly until it popped)

Camp Lake Summer Camp

  • George Beard (formerly)
  • Melvin Sneedly
  • Dressy Killman
  • Stanley Peet
  • Bo Hweemuth
  • Kipper Krupp
  • Sulu (formerly)
  • Loogie Tope
  • Bugg Usalowzui
  • Finkstein Noviz

Lake Summer Camp Camp

  • George Beard (currently)
  • Harold Hutchins
  • Erica Wang
  • Gooch Yamaguchi
  • Jessica Gordon
  • Sophie One
  • Othar Sophie
  • Sulu (currently)
  • Crackers
  • Tony
  • Dawn
  • Orldano


  • Camp Lake Summer Camp holds five students, while Lake Summer Camp Camp holds six students; that's 11 students total.
  • Taking place from 1971 to 2018, the camp keeps the chain link fence by splitting the camp in two, which also splits the lake, the cafeteria, and the camp director's office; but during Season 3, the chain link fence is disintegrating after a robot battle; resulting in Mr. Krupp replacing the chain link fence with a brick wall guarded by Mr. Meaner and his twin sister, but as the brick wall explodes, the two camps actually became Lake Summer Camp, as the camp names have transferred to team names.
  • Near the end of Season 3, the camp will soon be demolished to make way for an amusement park!
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