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This is a list of villains in the Captain Underpants series. This includes the books, movie and TV Show villains.

Book Series[]

Benjamin Krupp[]

Benjamin Krupp is a big, mean school principal, who wants to one day to catch George and Harold, as he believes they're the troublemakers who are doing the insane pranks at school. Before the big football Hortwiz Knuckleheads and The Stubinville Stinkbugs, Krupp inserted cameras all over the school, which got both George and Harold Caught. After getting busted and sent to the principal office, Krupp had to choose what to do with the tape. At First, he wanted to send copies to their parents. But then thought of sending the copies to the school board, as he could get both of them expelled for it. But finally choose to send the copies to The Hortwiz Knuckleheads. As Soon as the duo heard that, they jumped and begged Krupp not to, as The Hortwiz Knuckleheads would probably kill them for that. The boys cried for mercy, but when Krupp heard " We'll do anything! " It got his attention. He says as long as they want to live, they have to follow the rules exactly. And the rules included " No More Practical Jokes and Pranking, No Laughing or Smiling, No More Captain Underpants, Wash my car everyday " And Even more. Harold called this blackmail, But Krupp said whatever they call it, they had to follow the rules or else they would have their heads blown off. After days of blackmail, the boys had enough. Harold suggested that since they have to do this for another 8 years they need to wait and then move to a far-far way place where Krupp can't find them, and Harold thinks of Antarctica. But George says he has a better idea, he saw an ad for The 3-D Hypno Ring . But Harold dosen't get what they can do with it, George says all they have to do is Hypnotize Krupp, get the tape and make him forget anything about the tape. After weeks, the Hypno Ring Arrives, and they spent the morning trying to figure out how to use it. When They Arrive at Krupp's house, Krupp is shown visibly angry for them coming late. But The Boys manage to trick him, causing the Hypno ring affecting him. After they get the tape, they decide to turn him into Captain Underpants. And Shown later in the book, when Water contacts any person on The Hypno Ring's effects, they will turn normal.

Inedible Hunk[]

The Inedible Hunk is a parody of The Incredible Hulk From Marvel Comics and originated from the first ever issue of Captain Underpants that George and Harold made. His Origin begins when it was " Stinky Taco Surprise Day " At The Cafeteria, The Kids hated the food so much that they dumbed it all in the trash. However, due to the huge ratio of the Toxic Food, the portions of the Toxic Food were combined and were turned into The Inedible Hunk. The Monster ran and ate everything in sight, going as far as to eating 15 folding chairs and the gym teacher. However, the principal was more worried by the folding chair, and summoned Captain Underpants for help. Who Came. As an attack, Captain Underpants shot lots of Underwear, but it wasn't helping as the Inedible Hunk just just eating them. So Captain Underpants took of running while the Inedible Hunk Chases him, but the Inedible Hunk Chased him so much that he got tired, stopped for a while and became thirsty. Captain Underpants suggests a nice drink of water. unaware of Captain Underpants' plan, The Inedible Hunk took a long drink from a toilet, and then Captain Underpants flushed The Inedible Hunk, and he was no more. And All The Kids Cheer.

Bank Robbers[]

The Bank Robbers were a very minor part in The First Captain Underpants Book, Where after George and Harold were laughing, Captain Underpants jumped out of the window and started a justice rampage. After George and Harold realizing what just occurred, George and Harold got accessories and started chasing Captain Underpants with their Skate Board. When Chasing, George and Harold find Captain Underpants standing in a corner, looking heroic in front of a bank. Before they knew it, an alarm rings and bank robbers come out of the bank. When The Bank robbers saw Captain Underpants, they stopped dead in their tracks. Captain Underpants told them to Surrender or else he would resort to Wedgie Power, Nobody moved for 10 seconds. But the two robbers looked at each other and started laughing in hysterias. But due to their laughing, The Cops managed to actually arrest the crooks, However, the police chief was quite Angry for Captain Underpants. The Chief asked him who he was, and Captain Underpants replied with the usual response " I Fight For Truth, Justice, and all that is Pre-Shrunk and Cottony! ". The Chief didn't looked amused, and asked the police men to arrest him. At that time, George and Harold swooped in and Catched Captain Underpants before the Police could arrest them while running on their skateboard. The Police tried to stop them but it was too late. But when running, an sudden huge explosion came from The Rare Crystal Shop across the street. And Two sudden robots walk after it, with one of them holding a crystal...

Doctor Diaper's robots[]

They are robots of the nefarious Doctor Diaper, MORE TBA.

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