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Malison is a sensitive dinosaur who bullies anyone who pranks her and her crew, the saurus brothers. She is the main antagonist of "The Dastardly Deed of the Devious Diddlysaurus." Despite this, it seems that Malison is neutral as long as she, along with her crew, is not pranked.


Malison is a very sensitive dinosaur who hates pranks. This leads Diddly to get bullied by Malison and her crew for a chunk of the episode, as his last prank caused their pizza restaurant to become bankrupt. If Malison and her crew get pranked, she would easily want revenge out of it. She ends up tricking George and Harold into helping her find Diddly.


Malison is a huge purple Brachiosaurus with a light green belly. She has darker green spines on her back.