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"Wanna make stuff dissapear? Like a rabbit? Or your Wallet?" Marvin in an ad for Magic Camp

Marvin is a resident of Piqua, Ohio. He only appears in "The Abandoned Artifact of the Absentee Aliens." He runs the Magic Camp in Piqua and teaches students magic such as Captain Underpants.


The Abandoned Artifact of the Absentee Aliens[]

In an ad for his Magic Camp, he is in a library stepping on rabbits making them look like shoes. The rabbit bites him and hops away. A librarian tells him to leave but Marvin refuses. The librarian then chucks a library book at Marvin, knocking him out.


Marvin is a man with a very fat belly and chubby cheeks. He is wearing a purple coat, red shorts and a green shirt that is being ripped by his Fat Belly.