Melvinborg is the main antagonist in the second season of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants. He is the future version of Melvin Sneedly, and the former Principal of Jerome Horwitz Elementary School.


Melvinborg heavily resembles an adult-shaped version of his younger self, wearing a similar outfit and glasses (except for his left pant leg, which is long rather than short). Aside from age, size and voice, his biggest difference is that the right side of his body is completely robotic.

as Vil Endenemys, he's overweight, a brown mustache, brown hair, red sweater, dark yellow jacket, dark brown shoes and a dark-ish brown pants.

just right after George and Harold send to Butt-erflies to the future, he looked indentical to his current-self, except he doesn't have his robot-half, making him more look like his younger-self.


Melvin retains the arrogance of his younger self, and serves as a mentor to present day Melvin, though in the worst way possible. He is also more diabolical, causing present Melvin to ato


Melvin runs the school, and makes a scoreboard showing Melvin is #1 but George and Harold, win the haritio dump trophy and Melvin, falls into #3, later Melvinborg makes a final exam, copying traps from George's and Harold's comic. Melvin gets powers from nanobots but Erica wins. Then the nanobots transfer to Captain Underpants Melvin then kills Melvinborg.

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