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Nanobots are tiny microscopic robots that can hijack the minds of others. Although they have the ability to strengthen their host, they are also exceedingly dangerous, especially when they are out of control. Melvinborg created them in an attempt to get Melvin accepted into Elitinati Academy. They are ruled by Nano Zero.

Most notably, the Nanobots took over Mr. Krupp's body and became a supervillain named Captain Nanopants. Nano Zero was eventually defeated by George, Harold, and Melvin.

Powers and abilities[]

  • They can make their host stronger.
  • They can allow their host to climb walls.
  • They give their host more physical self awareness.
  • They can turn their host into a giant.
  • They can possess (nanotize) a living being on command.
  • They can hack any computer.