New Swissland is a country that made a cameo/chapter in book 4. Professor Pippy P. Poopypants is said to be from New Swissland, as everyone in New Swissland has a silly name. It is located somewhere southeast of Greenland. The president is the Honourable Chuckles Jingleberry McMonkeyburger Jr. Residents of New Swissland include Jiggles T. Chunkyskunks, Tipper Q. Zipperdripper, and Ivana Goda De' Bafroom.


New Swissland was settled by the Vikings in 983, in modern-day Iceland. The Vikings settled Svieselandis, in Modern-day Vik. In the year 1319, the Swissland Language evolved into a language similar to Old English, and a germanic speaker could understand Swisslandic well. The language evolved quickly and branched off into hundreds of micro-languages. In 1517, English became the dominant language, and poetry thrived. Unlike our world, Britain Colonized New Swissland, and Svwsilenadic, the Swisslandic Language until then, was banned and people were KILLED for speaking Svwsilenadic. In 1804, New Swissland declared independence in the 12 Days War, where the British were devastated and surrendered. Still, Svwsilenadic was still only spoken in current day Vatnajökull National Park. In 1904, New Swissland was founded. In 1931, Joseph Poopyblurry MacBootynose became president, and people were so entertained by this, that people started to name their kid's funny names, Such as Chuckles PoopeyBurger McFlaatingtenns. In 1941, New Swissland was occupied by the German Reich and became Neuland Schweiz Reichskommissariat. German became the most spoken language before being taken back by the British and most people stopped speaking German.

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  • The real life equivalent for New Swissland might be Iceland.
  • Tipper Q. Zipperdripper is briefly (no pun intended) mentioned in Captain Underpants: The Play as an old science teacher before Professor Poopypants
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