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The Nobel Moderator is a woman in charge of moderating the Nobel Prize ceremony. Her actions indirectly led to Professor Poopypants' start of madness. She only appears in Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie.


Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie[]

At the Nobel Prize committee, she prepares to award Professor Poopypants the "Nobel Prize for Inventing Stuff" for his Sizeirator 2000. Just as the Nobel Moderator is about to give him his prize, however, she reads Professor Poopypants' name out loud and notices how unusual it is. She asks him if his name is a joke and if she is pronouncing it correctly. When Professor Poopypants reveals his name is genuine (even being pronounced with "poop" emphasized), the Nobel Moderator and the audience break down into hysterical laughter.

Once everyone calms down, the Nobel Moderator decides to finally grant Professor Poopypants his trophy. Unfortunately, he is so enraged that he refuses to accept the award. Professor Poopypants then shrinks the woman down as revenge, and he screams at her when she politely asks him if he could enlarge her back to her normal size.


  • It is unknown if she ever returned to her original size.