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Well, if we're going to help you, we'd better get going. Let's boogie!
  —Old George Beard [src]  

Old George Beard is the adult version of George Beard. He only appears in Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot. He is voiced by Jaden Rogers in the twelfth Sound-O-Rama audiobook.


Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot[]

Present Harold and George were in the future meeting their future counterparts and meeting the family they return with their future counterparts in the present timeline meeting Crackers and Sulu's children. Adult George and Harold tell their younger selves to stay in the clubhouse and rest up for they have already been through a lot.

Adult George and Harold rush to Mr. Krupp's house needing help. As they snapped their fingers several times, Mr Krupp however wasn't coming to his trance into becoming his alter ego "Captain Underpants due to his face and head being wet at the time" Mr. Krupp wanted them to go away because to him he assumed they were acting like kids but as this was happening Mr. Meaner overheard what Mr. Krupp said and he grabbed the two adults and he beat them using his ape suit. Mr. Krupp demanded him not to kill them cause he didn't want any blood on his lawn. Adult George and Harold were nearly in a lot of pain but as they finally noticed that Mr. Krupp's Face was dried up and they saw that there could be their final opportunity so they quickly snapped their fingers at Mr. Krupp and he finally came into his trance becoming the amazing Captain Underpants to save his friends. Captain Underpants charged after and battled Mr. Meaner in his ape suit and Mr. Meaner was defeated for now and taken to jail.

The next day after eating an egg salad sandwich with pickle relish, Mr. Meaner aka Sir Stinks-A-Lot turns into a blob (because the egg salad contains mayonnaise and he added pickle relish; this would create Zygo-Gogozizzle 24). He then causes havoc downtown wanting revenge on Captain Underpants for being locked up. Captain Underpants returns to fight him back, but when Old George and Old Harold are captured, Captain Underpants couldn’t save them, as Sir Stinks-A-Lot turns him back into Mr. Krupp with a lot of water, therefore falling down (he was still unharmed because of his superpowers). Sir Stinks-A-Lot then extracts the superpowers as well as the effects from the 3D Hypno Ring ceasing the existence of Captain Underpants from Mr. Krupp. Mr. Krupp (dressed as the fallen hero Captain Underpants) then runs off screaming in terror as Old George and Harold telepathically calls for younger George and Harold who were sleeping but Tony, Orlando, and Dawn, who are completely awake caught onto the call and came to the rescue. They find Mentos, Diet Coke, and Pop Rocks, making Sir Stinks-A-Lot explode. Luckily, the three hamsterdactyls and Old George and Old Harold are unharmed, as well as Mr. Meaner.

Things were back to the way they were, and as young George and Harold return their older counterparts to their own time, they find that Mr. Krupp didn’t turn into Captain Underpants at the snap of a finger, because Mr. Meaner erased Captain Underpants from existence. As a woman was passing by jogging listening to music and snapping her fingers, Mr. Krupp was still as mean as usual yelling at the woman passing by. George and Harold and their older counterparts decided that they were not going to contribute to the plot and fix the problem which indicated that they were going to move on without Captain Underpants. George and Harold with Melvin's invention "Glow in the Dark Time Traveling Robo Squid." return their older selves back to their future timeline with Tony, Orlando, and Dawn. George, Harold and the 3 offspring of Crackers and Sulu take off once more with the Time Traveling Robo Squid going on a new adventure back in time to save Crackers and Sulu to meet their children.


  • It is implied that he is actually the adult version of Yesterday George Beard instead of George Beard. This is because it is unknown if the normal George Beard and Harold Hutchins ever came back from the past and successfully saved Crackers and Sulu. Additionally, neither Old George Beard and Old Harold Hutchins remember any of the events the present-day boys experienced in the twelfth book.