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"Temporary Sophie" redirects here. For the Temporary Sophie Jessica called in The Abysmal Altercation of the Abominable Altitooth, see Gooch.

  —Other Sophie  

Other Sophie is a supporting character in The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants.


The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants[]

Other Sophie is part of Jessica Gordon's girl posse. Unlike Sophie One, Other Sophie gets pushed around a lot by Jessica and is used as a doormat for her. She only talks in groups.

In "Captain Underpants and the Frantic Fury of the Fearsome Furculees," Other Sophie goes with the other kids to rescue Krupp from the jungle. Unfortunately, Other Sophie manages to land miles away in another jungle with strange creatures called Crocobats, where they reverence her as their queen. They later bring her back home in "Captain Underpants and the Bizarre Blitzkrieg of the Bothersome Butt-erflies." To fill in those five episodes, she is replaced with a tree sloth, which everyone mistakes for her.


Like Sophie One, she has very long poofed-up hair with two small curls at the end. Her hair is naturally ginger with a green headband. Her glasses are purple with bright purple lens. She wears a dress the same color as her headband and has a pink belt with a bright yellowish white shirt underneath. Other Sophie wears cream-colored socks with green flats to match her dress. Her skin color is light.