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That's a YP, not an MP!
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Petey The Cat (More commonly known as Petey) was Dr. Dilbert Dinkle's evil sidekick in Super Diaper Baby 2: The Invasion Of The Potty Snatchers until Petey betrayed him. He also appeared as the main antagonist of the Dog Man novels, until his redemption in Dog Man: Lord of the Fleas. He eventually ends up being one of the protagonists of the series, which he still is as of Dog Man: Mothering Heights.

He is voiced by Len Forgione in the Sound-O-Rama Audiobooks.


Petey is an orange anthropomorphic cat with black stripes across his body, pointy ears, long whiskers and a dotted nose.


Prior to Lord of the Fleas, Petey was nasty and teasing. He often picked on Dr. Dilbert and made fun of his plans (and breath). Then, he betrayed him because of how badly Dilbert treated him and tried to destroy the world with Dilbert's Mecha-Kitty robot. He also disliked Dog Man, a reference to cat and dog rivalries. When Super Diaper Baby and Diaper Dog took him to jail, he was excited at first (due to going crazy over the cat litter), but whenever he got arrested thanks to Dog Man, he, almost every time, ends up saying "Rats!"

Petey could get very annoyed by his son, Lil Petey at times, like when he called him "Papa," which always ended up in him reminding Lil Petey that he is "NOT [his] PAPA!" He also hated Lil Petey's jokes about poop and diarrhea, which, any way possible, were absolute nonsense.

In Lord of the Fleas, Lil Petey told Petey to change his ways and be good. Now he has a deep heart for the kitten, and finally accepts being called Papa (although he still gets annoyed by his jokes). But as shown by having a hard time with Big Jim, he is still trying to learn to be as good as Dog Man.

It is later revealed that the reason for Petey's demeanor was due to his father abandoning him before his mother died and him getting picked on by other kids. When he got out of jail, he tried to go straight, but nobody would give him a chance or help him. He grew bitter and began to resent humanity, until his son helped him see the error of his ways and helped him retain his positive outlook on life.


Super Diaper Baby 2: The Invasion of the Potty Snatchers[]

Two criminals called Dr. Dilbert Dinkle and Petey the Cat sneak into Jim's Bank, but before Dr. Dinkle can measure for his invention, careless Petey accidentally pushes the lever and Dr. Dinkle turns into water, then Petey accidentally destroys the invention, meaning that Dr. Dinkle is made out of water permanently, but Dr. Dinkle thinks that he actually likes being made out of water when he is able to turn into a puddle and sneak into the vault to get the money. Back at his home, Dr. Dinkle finds out he will never pay the water bill, but his supply is cut off after two weeks. Petey complains he needs water for drinking, but Dr. Dinkle goes to sleep and Petey drinks him in revenge. The next morning, Dr. Dinkle yells in surprise to be let out, right when Petey needs to urinate and the cat leaps into his litter box. Dr. Dinkle discovers that he is now made out of urine as Petey coins the name "Rip Van Tinkle", much to his dismay, and makes jokes at his expense, making him go to multiple places, all of which kick him out for smelling horrible.

The following night, Rip Van Tinkle puts Petey in the Robo Kitty 3000, before he evaporates and rains pee on people. Soon the pee drops break into houses to steal toilets for the Robo Kitty 3000 to destroy. One drop gets caught by Billy, so it tricks him into thinking that it will repair the toilet, gives him a juice box in bed, then the Kitty destroys the toilet.

The pee drops unite to create Rip Van Tinkle, while Petey steals diapers to sell to the people who were robbed of toilets, but Rip Van Tinkle takes Petey's money and the cat soaks him up with toilet paper. Super Diaper Baby and Diaper Dog arrive, only for Petey to evolve the Robo Kitty 300 into the Supa-Mecha Kitty 3000. Super Diaper Baby flies to buy catnip and pour it inside the control seat. Petey goes crazy after having the slightest sniff of the catnip, bounces around, and detaches the Supa - Mecha Kitty 3000's head. Super Diaper Baby and Diaper Dog grab Petey and carry him off to jail.

The Adventures of Dog Man (Comic)[]

Petey is referred to as "the World's Most Evilest Cat." He builds a robo-vaccum to steal money from the bank and scare Dog Man. Then, Dog Man punches the robot and catches Petey. The police celebrates by having wine.

Super Diaper Baby 2½[]

The news announces that Petey has escaped and vows to get revenge. The Hoskins start to search for him, but the doorbell's rung by "P.T. Duckhat, the world's most famous clown", who asks if Billy and Diaper Dog can participate in his parade. P.T. gets to take them to a big float of Super Diaper Baby before revealing himself as Petey. The Robo-Baby destroys the city, with Billy and Diaper Dog in its powerful grip. Luckily, Dog Man scratches himself on its legs and soon, the fleas get in the Robo-Baby's Diaper, making it leave, then they take Petey to jail. But on the way, Petey presses a button on his watch, making something appear and he escapes, much to the surprise of Super Diaper Baby, Diaper Dog and Dog Man.

Dog Man: In The Tongue of Justice[]

Petey escapes and creates an evil air freshener and puts it in the cop's cars, and they all become mindless zombies. Dog Man, however, likes to put his head out the window, so he never smells it. Dog Man chases Petey into his lab, and spots the toilet. Dog Man drinks the toilet water and comes upstairs, surrounded by Petey and his zombies. Petey says he has his antidote, but he hid it in his toilet bowl. Dog Man realizes that he drank the antidote the whole time, so he barfs up all of the liquid. The cops are no longer zombies, and Petey is put back into Cat Jail.

Dog Man: The Wrath of Petey[]

Soon, Petey reads the newspaper and is happy to see Dog Man's fear of baths in the headlines, so he decides that he should escape. He puts the newspaper in the toilet and he clogs the toilet by flushing the chain. The water from the toilet begins going higher and higher and Petey escapes cat jail and goes on a crime spree by robbing banks, stealing jewels and hi-jacking cars. But the cops can never catch him, and they wish Dog Man would return. Meanwhile, Dog Man is hiding in an alley, eating out of a garbage can, and sees a newspaper. He feels ashamed, but he knows he must be brave and returns to stop Petey. He searches for him and picks up a trail that leads straight to his house, but it is a trap. Petey sprays water and Dog Man gets scared. He runs away from Petey by digging a hole to the zoo. Dog Man ends up in a cage where the skunks live and the skunks spray on Dog Man. Dog Man doesn't like too much stinky stuff. Petey runs out of the hole and he gets caught by a net. The cop says to Petey that he should go back to cat jail.

Dog Man: The Canine Crusader[]

Dog Man is taking Petey to jail. On the way, Petey finds a ball and Dog Man cannot resist it. Petey throws it, leading to Chief firing Dog Man.

That night, Dog Man digs under his house and uses his money to buy mysterious things. The next day, Petey bulids a robot suit to attack the city. The police are scared, so Chief has to stop Petey himself, but he gets kidnapped. Dog Man (as The Bark Knight) then drives in the Dogmoblie to save Chief. Petey traps The Bark Knight in a web, but he escapes. Petey then prepares to throw Chief off a cliff, leading to a literal cliffhanger.

Book 'Em Dog Man[]

Petey sits in his cell sad, contemplating how Dog Manalways gets the best of him. So, Petey escapes to find out how Dog Man is smart enough to capture him. He sneaks to his house, only to find Dog Man reading a book. Petey grabs his smartometer to check, reading 'Smart'. Petey now comes up with a plan to make people stupid.

A week later, Petey has finished his invention: Word-B-Gone 2000™. He tests it on a book, and it erases all the words in it. So Petey tests it out more on stop signs, bookstores, schools and libraries. Soon, Petey attaches his invention to an airplane and erases all the words in every book in the world.

Soon, everyone doesn't read and, just like Petey predicted, they become stupid.

Two weeks later, according to the smartometer, the world has become 'Supa Dumb'. Petey wants to see how stupid they became, so he goes to the car lot. He demands a car while the manager is busy talking about his cat and his mother. So, Petey takes a car, waving goodbye to the manager. The same thing happens at the bank, he gets 'free' money and a 'free' flat-screen television.

Later Petey is having trouble , as all the T.V. shows are stupid. His car is ruined thanks to his mechanics literally filling up the car with petroleum. He even can't live well in his lab, as his butler is stupid. When Petey told him to take out the trash, the butler took it out on a date. Petey really dislikes having to be the only smart person.

Petey later goes to Dippy's Donuts because he wants to get some donuts, but Dippy keeps messing up his order. She keeps saying that they sell them by the dozen, even though Petey asked for twelve. Then she says that they only sell them by sixteen. She understands, but says to the baker to make "sixteen bagels". Petey tells her straight, but she just asks him if he wants mustard for his bagels. Petey tells her again, but this time gets a lecture, followed by his bagels. When Petey exits the donut store, he sees a homeless person who is starving. Petey offers him his bagels, but is rejected since the man dislikes bagels.

Petey reads his books back at his lab, which were the only informative books left on Earth. The world gets even stupider.

2 weeks later, Petey has become a slob. His toenails are long, and his room is messy and unhygienic. Meanwhile, Dog Man is still solving the case, arresting an apple tree. Suddenly, Dog Man smells the mess in Petey's lab. He finds the books and reads all of them, gaining more knowledge. He then passes them out to the school. Petey comes back, only to find a trail of books leading to the school. The bell rings to signal recess for the children. They come pouring out, bumping into Petey, causing him to drop his books.

After the effort to try and collect books scattered near the playground furniture, Petey is arrested and all the books on Earth get zapped back to normal.

Book Appearances[]


  • Petey was originally going to be named Ralph.
  • George has a cat called Petey, which may be George's inspiration.
  • Petey is still trying to be good; he gets annoyed by his jokes