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"Woof, woof!" - Dog Man
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Petey's Butler is a minor character first appearing in Book 'Em Dog Man, a "graphic novella" made by George and Harold to show the benefits of reading.


Dog Man[]

Petey's Butler is using binoculars to spy on Officer Knight and Greg the dog. And then, he goes downstairs with Petey, the main antagonist and tritagonist to figure out their strengths on a blackboard. Later, after Officer Knight and Greg the dog suffer critical injuries and are reborn as Dog Man, Petey's Butler spys on Dog Man. Petey then leads him downstairs again to reveal the Vacuum Cleaner 2000; Petey zooms away on the Vacuum Cleaner 2000.

Book 'Em Dog Man[]

Petey's Butler becomes so dumb that he dates and marries a trash bag; he is promptly fired by Petey. At the end of the comic when Dog Man saves the day, he is seen with a small trash bag in a baby stroller, implying he somehow produced a child with his trash bag wife.