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The "Piqua Pizza Palace" is a pizza place in Piqua, Ohio. It has made a few appearances in the Captain Underpants series along with Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. It also made a very brief appearance in Super Diaper Baby 2: Invasion of the Potty Snatchers.

Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets[]

After George Beard and Harold Hutchins are nominated "Principals for the Day" after repairing the school and their detention and suspension are cancelled, they host an all day recess outside for all the students (except for Melvin Sneedly, who tattled on them for sabotaging the Invention Convention). One of the stands that can be seen is from Piqua Pizza Palace.

Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants[]

The class is going on a field trip to the pizza palace to eat pizza and play video games. In the line to their bus, George and Harold notice a change to rearrange the letters on the school sign. However, they are caught by their principal, Mr. Krupp, who was hiding in a nearby bush. He punishes George and Harold by banning them from the school field trip and making them clean the teachers' lounge with supplies from the janitor's closet. However, they decide to get their instead and put the sink nozzle in the "on" position, put powdered paste on the blades of the ceiling fan, and fill the refrigerator with small packaging pellets. However, this also leads to Mr. Fyde's retirement as well as Professor Poopypants becoming the new science teacher.

Super Diaper Baby 2: The Invasion of the Potty Snatchers[]

The Piqua Pizza Palace is the fourth and final store Rip Van Tinkle is thrown out of for getting pee on everything. A chef yells at him "You reek-a ya freak-a!"

Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Return of Tippy Tinkletrousers[]

Due to Kipper and his gang of bullies stealing the kindergarteners' lunch money, the kindergarteners are left with no food at lunchtime. Eventually, young George and Harold order pizza and breadsticks from the Piqua Pizza Palace for their pals (under their cursed spirit name "Wedgie Magee"), and the kindergarteners couldn't be happier. However, one day Kipper and his gang take the pizzas from the delivery guy and munch it all up in front of the kindergarteners at their table. To end this, George orders pizza with the hottest ghost peppers the Pizza Palace has (as food tasting spicy is one of the signs you are cursed by Wedgie Magee), and the next day, when Kipper and friends eat the spicy pizza, their tongues start burning. They run around the cafeteria trying to cool off, and it ends with the four bullies in the nurse's office with ice packs on their tongues.

Captain Underpants and the Tyrannical Retaliation of the Turbo Toilet 2000[]

On one of their days off from school, George calls the Piqua Pizza Palace around 9:30 P.M. and orders two calzones, a few cheesy breadsticks, and two 2-liter bottles of ice-cold root beer. George and Harold wait in the driveway for their food so the delivery man wouldn't ring the door bell and George's mom would answer. The Piqua Pizza Palace has not made any appearances since then until Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie[]

While Captain Underpants helps an old lady rescue her cat in a tree, the Piqua Pizza Palace makes a brief appearance.