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Shut your guacaholey!
  —Mr. Purpk [src]  

Mr. Purpk, (pronounced as "perpick" or "pɝpɪk") is the blue-skinned doppelgänger of Benjamin Krupp. He only appears in "The Disturbing Dilemma of the Dysfunctional Doppelgangers."


He is kind, patient, and loving towards the kids, or so it seems like. In reality, he is actually scared of the kids and acts as if there was no problem for every adult.


Despite George, Harold, and Livmen's apparent success in defeating Captain Pandernuts, freeing the adults, and putting them in charge, the Utopiqua Kids still enslave adults. The heroes' failure is revealed at the end of the episode, where Mr. Purpk, along with other Utopiqua Adults, is seen imprisoned in a spacecraft operated by the Utopiqua Kids.


  • He could possibly be a reference to Nice Benjamin Krupp, except Nice Mr. Krupp is bald.
  • Like Benjamin Krupp, a specific move is needed for him to turn into Captain Pandernuts. However, a clap is used instead of a snap.